"Empire of Glass" by Kaitlin Solimine - an Interview | Speaking of China

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  1. DAn Yeh
    DAn Yeh June 23, 2017 at 3:19 am | | Reply

    Just like Kaitlan many a Westerner have been totally fascinated with Asian culture after exposure to it. I had two co-workers, one of Swedish and another of Black Foot Indian descents who after military service in Japan just went head over heels with that culture. The Swedish gentleman was totally fluent in Japanese and eventually return to Tokyo with his native Japanese wife, changed his last name to hers and acquired Japanese citizenship. It was most ironic that when a Japanese official visited us in Hawaii and was in need of an interpreter. With all the Japanese Hawaiians around, they all looked sheepishly at each other and couldn’t help. This Swedish American stepped up and solved the problem.

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