How I Learned to Read Chinese, Published on Matador

Matador just published my article titled “How I Learned to Read Chinese.”

For those of you dying to know about my path to fluency, this piece tracks how I left illiteracy in Chinese behind.

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The Chinese Zodiac Effect

When you live in China, you don’t just experience the Chinese zodiac in daily life. Sometimes, it changes you forever — even if you don’t believe in superstition.

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A Red China State of Mind, in an American Red State

As a foreigner in China, I’d felt “almost famous” hundreds of times. Chinese have surrounded me in curiosity, asked for my photograph, and grilled me with the tenacity of a tabloid news outlet.

Except, this time, I wasn’t the “celebrity” — my husband was, in a Wal-Mart in Eastern Idaho, when a man discovered he was from China.

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All Foreigners Look Alike, All Chinese Look Alike?

When a Chinese friend confessed he couldn’t tell the difference between foreign faces — and an American confused my Chinese husband with another Chinese man — I began to wonder: do we all just look alike when we’re not dealing with people in “our group”?

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