What Attracted You to Your Mate? Pub'd on WWAM BAM! | Speaking of China

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  1. Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith May 23, 2017 at 12:54 am | | Reply

    Did you set out to make me melt? I mean, really? lol. I am so glad that things went well for you!

    It reminds me of the Asian-American guy I dated a few years ago, a guy who (though he doesn’t know it) really treated me well. And until then, I had only noticed Asian guys, especially in college, and Asian-American guys but never met any who seemed interested in me.

  2. Julie Collins-Ni
    Julie Collins-Ni May 23, 2017 at 9:59 pm | | Reply

    Okay, I have a romantic story. Lol. I was my husband’s English tutor. We sat countless hours at his dining room table “studying”. We did study a lot. We also talked. We talked until he became my best friend. We talked until dawn many times at that table. Kong would tell me about China and I was mesmerized. When he spoke Chinese, I felt like he had keys to a secret world. He would look directly at me when he spoke. One day he said to me, “too much eye contact with you is like I will start on fire”. My very blue eyes overwhelmed him, but his nearly black eyes held me captive. I was in constant awe of his intelligence and his unwavering gentleness. He was suffering. A vicious divorce had weakened him and the death of my father and brother had me devastated. We became inseparable and we began to lean on each other. We fell in love despite our country of birth. An unbreakable friendship evolved into an unbreakable marriage. I am grateful every single day for meeting my Chinese student turned best friend turned amazing husband. My life truly became full after I met my handsome student Kong. ❤️

  3. Julie Collins-Ni
    Julie Collins-Ni May 24, 2017 at 4:49 am | | Reply

    Jocelyn, I am actually working on it. I have a couple articles about Kong and I and Chinese American marital life in the United States I am planning on sending to you.

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