"I Don't Lend Out My Car or Wife" Is a Real Bumper Sticker in China - Pub'd on WWAM Bam | Speaking of China

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  1. Blue Sky Country
    Blue Sky Country May 10, 2017 at 2:30 am | | Reply

    While this certainly is unsettling and disturbing, when you are dealing with such a large population pool, there are bound to be that margin of people who will be more susceptible to fads and trends, especially ones that are decadent or offensive to accepted social behavior.

    I clearly remember back in the early 2000s, everybody who wanted a reputation at my junior high school or just wanted to be cool started acting “gangsta”. Before that year it was all boy bands, emo-style haircuts, digital keychain pets snd glittery teen fashion. And almost overnight, you started seeing the low waist pants, baggy outfits, bandannas. Pretty soon followed by the drug dealer talk, slangs about various criminal activities and of course, the pseudo and real gang graffiti that began appearing on desks and in the restrooms. No doubt MTV was to blame for that one.

    Lets just hope those bad trends blow over or become outdated quickly, as some of them do, when people start realizing that following such fads dont really help them become winners in life and their social circles. From what I can see in the Chinese national news channels that our local NY Chinese stations air for several hours each day, it appears that drug use and trafficking has been increasing in China over the recent years, despite the strict penalties and crackdown efforts.

  2. Blue Sky Country
    Blue Sky Country May 10, 2017 at 2:54 am | | Reply

    I also want to add to what your husband wrote about what is popular in America finding its way to China.

    Sometimes it works the other way around and is really beneficial on the long run as well. For example, China manufactured the first commercial e-cig, or electronic cigarette, in 1996. In 2004, US retailers began importing electronic cigarettes and components on a large scale. Today, the “vaping” (vapor smoking) industry is a multi-billion dollar moneymaker here.

    I used to smoke a pack of Mavericks a day. But ever since I switched to VUSE, which is an e-cig made domestically by tobacco giant RJ Reynolds using Chinese technology, I haven’t touched a cigarette in the last 3 years. I bet whoever rides with me in my truck, especially in winter, is happy as hell about that LOL.

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