My Experiences Dating in China - AMWF Youtube Interview with Ning Li | Speaking of China

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  1. AG
    AG February 8, 2016 at 6:28 am | | Reply

    Nice interview. Good summary of Jocelyn experience. Ning Li, you are lucky guy who is tall which is critical factor in male-female relationship. Even short white men have hard time to get date too. Asian males have this physical disadvantage on top of introvert and very different culture.

    Since this blog get attention of major media and top Chinese TV, I will talk about some thing off top here regarding current Chinese economic issue – Chinese currency yuan. Maybe this will get VIPs attention. This current downward devaluation of Chinese yuan seems unstoppable even Chinese bank system trying to reverse the trend.

    Currency is like any commercial goods subject to supply/demand ratio. If there is more demand/low supply, the value goes up; vise versa. Unfortunately, Chinese government let international trade settling in dollars which only create higher demand for USA dollars. The Chinese economical development with increased trade end up enriching USA by raising dollar value. If Chinese government mandate Chinese Yuan as currency for its international trade, this will force any international buyers of Chinese goods have to convert their own currency to yuan instead of dollar. This will create demand of yuan, and increase value of yuan, enrich Chinese national wealth. For any countries want to trade with China, they have to save up yuan as their national reserve. This will further increase the value of yuan and national wealth. But this depends on large volume of Chinese products desired by the world. With current trade volume of Chinese international trade, this should not be hard to achieve. Hope people in control of Chinese economy already know about this.

    I am not economical expert. But I am a self-made rich person with sharp sense of how commerce work and how value is achieved. This is runing in my family with most of us achieved above 1% wealth in respective resident country. One is even considered top 50 richest person in East Asia.

  2. AG
    AG February 8, 2016 at 6:33 am | | Reply

    Also any ladies with Chinese connection might be interested to have yuan value going up. So your hubbies money can buy you more stuff and stay in even nicer hotels. 🙂

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