Chapter 32: To Spam or Not To Spam | Speaking of China

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  1. roueen
    roueen March 2, 2010 at 2:44 pm | | Reply

    international marketing is a very complicated word! I worked in Iran with an Austrian company , they thought a persian web site is a stupid idea or registration in B2B websites too. but I am working with some Chinese companies , all of them have Persian websites and we have pages in B2B website, e-mail marketing and so on, at present situation of Iran and other neighbor countries , we have really successfully in Internet marketing. I always guess , internet marketing is a best way in international marketing , but it is not enough only it is a really best ways. But I had other experience with a Chinese company , which think they can sell their products only through internet without any agent in our area, unfortunately they can get only one order, but I have done for them non-internet marketing , it was success project.
    just something is related to your best…

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