My Chinese Boyfriend's Dormitory Despair | Speaking of China

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  1. Ranger_Lost_in_Mordor
    Ranger_Lost_in_Mordor March 3, 2010 at 9:24 pm | | Reply

    Ha, I’m now a second-year graduate student in China. I understand exactly what it feels like to board in school, especially schools that have long history with run-down facilities.
    Here we have 4 roommates and 2 of them have moved outside, one for internship,the other is for relationship. We actually have no bathroom in the aparment so we have to get the guts to crawl out of the bed every night when the bladder is bulking up and scram into and back from the only public bathroom on the floor. Thanks to this poorly accomodated school, I have lost about 10 kilogram cholesterol since I signed up here from 2 years working experience.
    Basically it is mission-impossible to have a transfer if you are able to stand the long hard bureacracy, and if you can stand that, I bet you can stand terrible facilities as well .
    So my advice is would it be okay to move out of there and rent an apartment nearby so that he does not have to compromise all the rackets and inconveniences over there

  2. 路易
    路易 March 4, 2010 at 12:24 pm | | Reply

    I was walking in Harbin one night with my Chinese girlfriend and this middle aged guy outside her parents apartment said something rediculously insensitive to her. She turned and shouted at him “你问题什么?”. I once got into a really violent altercation with a guy over the way he treated a girlfriend when I was in uni but this time I really couldn’t decide what to do. We were in Harbin – a pretty rough town – i could have left him a nice black eye but still run the risk of “a foreigner incident” or do what I did and pull her away. The bastard gambled right there that I was going to do nothing to him. In the end I got through it emotionally by thinking that people like him do the rest of us a favor by wearing a neon sign that says “笨蛋”.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew March 5, 2010 at 8:02 am | | Reply

    there we go again “路易”, can you stop being a teenage moron for once? why is it that every post from you consist of how you are so
    “pimp” with women and how horrible the Chinese treat their women? thats so not true in general. I think you just have a security issue here, so you feel the need to put down Chinese men while you try to tell everyone how much of a playa you are? online? is it becuz you cant get any action at home? why is it 90% of the male foreign students in China act like you? While the foreign females are at least nice. Clean up your act, or I can see someday more people will wanna kick ur ass in China.

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