Have a story about Western women and Chinese men in love — or out of love? I want to hear from you!

I have three columns devoted exclusively to your stories:

Double Happiness (Stories of falling in love, weddings, marriage and more): How did you meet? Why do you love each other? We want answers from married and nonmarried couples of Chinese men and Western women.

Not in a couple? Not a problem — tell me this then: why do you love Chinese men or Western women?

Yin-Yang (Stories of finding balance in cross-cultural relationships): How do married and nonmarried couples of Chinese men and Western women “make it work,” and balance their differences in harmony? How do two different people “complete each other” in unexpected ways?

Fenshou (Stories of love lost): Did you ever love someone, only to find that love wasn’t returned? Or did you love someone, only to lose them? Chinese men and Western women, we want your stories of love that didn’t work out. (Feel free to change names and places to protect identities.)

You can either 1) write the story from scratch or 2) suggest one of your blog posts, where you covered the topic. How long? I always say, as long as you think it takes to tell the story — but ideally anywhere from 200 to 1,000 words.

You can get creative on this too — your stories could be interviews, short memoir essays, love letters, even poems if you like. I also welcome your photos/graphics/images (rights-cleared only) to accompany your submissions.

Not sure where to start? Read the stories I’ve published in Double Happiness, Yin-Yang and Fenshou.

If I publish your story, I will credit you with a byline that includes a one-line bio and link to a website of your choice.

I read every submission — and look forward to receiving yours.

(FINE PRINT: To maintain the quality and integrity of Speaking of China, I reserve the right to refuse submissions for any reason.)

Submit by E-mail: jocelyn (at)

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