Chapter 31: An Unintended Splash at the Hangzhou Pool

As a foreigner in China, sometimes you touch people in ways you never realized. Something you say or do in a moment — a small, forgettable thing to you — becomes a lasting impression to someone else.

I never realized that when I spoke Mandarin Chinese at the pool in Hangzhou, I would become a sensation online at Zhejiang University.

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Chapter 30: One Lonely, Post-Thanksgiving Saturday in China

When you live in China, sometimes foreign holidays can be lonely. I discovered a loneliness after Thanksgiving passed me without a celebration or nod from my Chinese coworkers, and without my Chinese boyfriend by my side.

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Chapter 29: An Indecent English Teaching Proposal

When you’re a foreigner in China, the most common phrase you might hear is: “Can you teach me English?” My Chinese neighbor wanted me to, even though she never seemed serious about it. But over tea one evening, she embarrassed me about not following through, and left me wondering about her indecent proposal.

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