Epilogue: The Destiny to Marry in China

In China, lovers are often said “to have the destiny to meet across one thousand li.” For my Chinese husband, John, and I, it wasn’t just one thousand li — it was ten thousand li.

In this entry, I’ll look back on the series, Memoirs of a Yangxifu, and also announce a new posting schedule for the blog.

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Chapter 58: China Marriage On My Mind

In Shanghai, my Chinese boyfriend and I were almost as close as husband and wife. All of the signs said we were headed to a wedding — so why did I have to ask?

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China Blogs by Western Women who Love Chinese Men

As we remember the women who make a difference in our world, there’s one minority voice we shouldn’t forget — the Western women who love Chinese men.

China blogs are still a man’s world, so our voices are often lost in the comments and trackbacks. But Western women who love Chinese men have a unique perspective to a woman’s experience in China — which makes their blogs even more valuable in the blogsphere. Here’s my list, in alphabetical order (according to the blog’s name).

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