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  1. Pamela
    Pamela December 9, 2011 at 9:14 am | | Reply

    I love to watch chinese tv dramas and movies, specially romantic. For this I’m very pleased to have a chinese software, one of my dear pengyou gave me… But after I don’t know how many movies I’ve watched, I haven’t yet found one in which the love story is between an asian guy and a western woman (or viceversa). By any chance, do you know one, or some you can recommend me? I’ll appreciate the suggestions 😉

  2. David
    David December 9, 2011 at 10:10 am | | Reply

    In Australia they dont even like the idea of an Asian Family in the Soap Opera, Neighbors…hate mail and threats have followed after a South Asian family moved into the “neighborhoods.”


    Just imagine what will happen to the viewers if a white guy took home Menik Gooneratne or Coco-Jacinta Chen…I can seem them throwing up and feeling sick to the stomach.

    What is even worse is the fact that they are attempting to whitewash Hawaii five 0. If anything, that is the show they should start with for interracial couples…plenty of white women-asian men couples out there…perhaps they could pair Grace Park with a white guy…but they wont, especially because the racist white American audience from places such as Idaho, Alabama and Georgia will never accept it.

  3. ordinary malaysian
    ordinary malaysian December 9, 2011 at 1:23 pm | | Reply

    I am not a movie buff, so I am not familiar with most of the movies you mentioned except that I have heard of “Crocodile Dundee” and of course “Mamma Mia”. But I do agree that some of the movies especially “Like Crazy” and ”Green Card” would have been more interesting if they had Asian lead stars in them instead. Why they didn’t, I think David would be pleased to give his two cents worth.

  4. David
    David December 9, 2011 at 2:16 pm | | Reply

    I will give you my half a cent worth. Reality and make believe world diverge in America and for that matter anywhere else in the world. 90% of the Indian movies show romance and more recently at least 5% show romance between Indian men and white women (yes, white western women)…is this the reality? No. 90% of the marriages are arranged or semi-arranged. The only movies that come close to reality are honor killing movies of which there are a few..but, they flop because even honor killers dont want to see those movies.

    Same situation here in the US. In reality, the Green Card movie should reflect a relationship between a white male and Asian female or perhaps the Indian male-white female relationship prior to the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. (Light skinned Indian men married white American women and settled down here. Dark skinned Indian men just went home and some came back after 1965. Why? It was more palatable to let their daughters marry a closer to white or tanned Indian male who looked Greek than marry a dark skinned Indian male.) However, this is not the case. Most of the white audience does not want to watch an Asian woman with a white man let alone an Asian man with a white woman. For all of you who thought that the AWWM relationship was accepted talk to Rex Chapman about his experiences with dating Filipina women back in the late 1980s in Kentucky and the reaction of the mob. There are folks like Rob Sobhani who thinks that the only immigrants we should let in are 60,000 refugees per year…no investment visas, no skilled visas and definitely no visas for foreign bridegrooms or brides of US citizens…no exceptions period. When you have such a situation now, how do you expect movies to show inter-racial relationships in a movie back in the 1990s.

    At least, the US is ahead of Australia and the UK. The US audience may not tolerate Grace Park falling in love with Alex McCaughlin in Hawaii Five 0. However, they will have no problem with an Asian family (not an Asian-White couple) move into the all-white neighborhood (although I have no idea why any Asian in his or her right mind would want to move into an all-white neighborhood). In Australia we have segregated Asian (Singapore-Hongkong) and white (Aussie white and South African white) neighborhoods in at least one city…Perth, and they simply dont like each other, particularly the white South African women deeply recent Singaporean and Hong Kong women dating white men…will this make it into the Neighbor soap opera? I dont thnk so!

  5. Sveta
    Sveta December 9, 2011 at 7:59 pm | | Reply

    I sometimes fantasize of Korean movies featuring White women and Asian men. Now that would bring more stories and more variety, but unfortunately they are fantasies. I’m not very familiar with American movies sorry to say, but few I can think of would be Moscow Over Hudson. (Imagine a Chinese guy coming from an impoverished area and trying to make a living in America.) Maybe Before Sunset and Before Sunrise a Chinese guy can travel and meet up with the actress.

    With TV shows, there’s plenty of shows that didn’t have an excuse in not doing AM/WF; Sex and the City, and Friends. Funny that in Friends the men at one point have dated women from different races (Ross dated an Asian woman, Joey dated an African American chick,) but the women in Friends never dated men from different races. I’m sure there’s plenty other shows, but at the moment I can’t think of any.

  6. Dave
    Dave December 10, 2011 at 2:11 am | | Reply

    I think novels are a much better medium for this. There’s Tick Tock, written by Dean Koontz, with a Viet american writer and a white female pairing. There’s a lot more of course. I’m currently working my way through Jacqueline Carey’s book, Naamah’s Curse, which features a white heroine madly in love with a soul mate chinese/mongolian fighter in an alternative reality of our medieval world.

    Quite frankly, most Hollywood movies leave me cold, and for the most part, empty. A good book is a lot more fulfilling. Unfortunately, given the dropping literacy rate of the USA, I don’t see this area improving in terms of the main stream.

    But to be honest, I don’t give a f–k about a mainstream with less brain cells than a cow, a 5 minute attention span, and an entertainment industry that caters to that. That’s just lowering myself to the lowest common denominator. I have higher standards than that!

  7. Sveta
    Sveta December 10, 2011 at 2:13 am | | Reply

    @Dave. I have a book review blog and I reviewed numerous AM/WF novels. I even have a link to where you can find lots of AM/WF novels. Check it out if you can!

  8. David
    David December 10, 2011 at 11:55 am | | Reply

    “Imagine a Chinese guy coming from an impoverished area and trying to make a living in America.”

    The real life “Mao’s Last Dancer” is living with his white Aussie wife and three super-smart kids. The eldest was deaf and finished at the top 5% of the GCE exams.

  9. David
    David December 10, 2011 at 12:01 pm | | Reply

    “but the women in Friends never dated men from different races.”

    They reflect white American women and perhaps the white Aussie and British/NZ women as well..and they definitely represent the white South African women….white Canadian women tend to be different but to a degree. Besides folks who show up here and in the AMWW magazine, hardly any white woman dates an Asian guy or for that matter dates a non-white guy.

  10. Dave
    Dave December 10, 2011 at 4:45 pm | | Reply

    @David – I completely disagree with you. Friends reflects the fact that the white male establishment is EXTREMELY FRIGHTENED of Asian men. They don’t have a problem with a black male/non black female pairings, and they don’t have a problem with a white male/asian female pairings. But the fact is they’re scared shitless of Asian men and their potential masculinity, because Asian males are the defacto economic, intellectual competitors of white maleness. Anything they can do to put this down, they WILL do, in the media.

    Which is why in a lot of ways, I’m very thankful that the anglosphere media literally stops at the borders of the English speaking world. When I was in Latin America, it was a complete 180 degrees for Asian men. In fact, the mass majority of Asian male marriages are/were Asian men Non Asian women, starting from Mexico all the way to the tip of Argentina. It’s the same in the Carribean region. Course, we’re also speaking of two very macho cultures intersecting, one of the Latino and the Asian (in particular Korean and Japanese). So, they get along pretty well.

    But back to the Anglosphere, even here, the effort to undermine and wash away the idea of Asian men dating non asian women is a pathetic effort anyway. Besides statistics, which indicates that about 30% of asian men marry non asian women, which is about 10 to 15% points lower than asian women marrying non asian men. The Asian Female Non Asian Male just gets hyped more, again, to try and wash away the AMXF statistic. It makes em uncomfortable. In terms of personal experience, I’ve dated a lot of women, not a single one were Asian.

    In each and every case, I was the first Asian guy they ever dated. In other words, there was no “I just date Asian men”. It was “I want to date you because I find you to be a fascinating, sexually attractive man.” That’s it. Thank goodness the idiots out there can’t control love and attraction, the two universal human traits, no matter how hard they try.

    I’d say in the USA, about 75% of all women who are White, Black, or Latina, will date an Asian guy IF the Asian guy makes the first move! Which of course, means manning up, and being a MAN, being CONFIDENT, and hitting on the chick. AKA selling yourself and being confident. Plain and simple. Now, where I grew up (East Coast), it’s predominantly white/jewish with about a 10% asian population. This ain’t like the West Coast. From Jr High, through high school, Asian guys dating white/black/latin chicks was/is the norm. I grew up with this as being Normal. Half of the Asian guys from high school class eventually ended up marrying non asian females, settling down, having kids, and, well, leading normal All American lives. I’ve also traveled a good chunk of the USA as well, and I’ve been in a lot of places where you wouldn’t think that Asian guys would hook up with non Asian women, but guess what. I’ve noticed a general trend. In places with TONS of Asians, the guys generally don’t hook up with non Asians, the Asian women throw themselves at non Asians.

    But in places with a lot less Asians, a lot MORE Asian men hook up with non Asian women. It’s basic game theory (John Nash). Men will go after over what the local available women are. Which is why it surprised me when I was in Texas with an ex (white, southern belle), and it shocked me how normal I was with her there, from Dallas to San Antonio, Austin to Fredricksburg. In a lot of places people just assumed we were married. Now, I contrast that with supposedly “liberal” places like Boston, or say NYC, both of which I can’t stand because of the crap treatment I got when dating non Asian women… from a lot Asian women and White men.

    I attribute it to the cliquish nature and insularity of places that have high numbers of Asian populations. Why bother to try and reach out when you’ve got it easy with low hanging fruit? Why take a chance with something that’s only SLIGHTLY unfamiliar? And I say slightly, because quite frankly, I hang out with friends who are white, black, hispanic, asian, indian, who were all born here, and you know what? We all sound the same, we have a lot of the same tastes, same issues, the only real difference is we’ve got different skin colors/textures/facial features/body types.

    So it boils down to personality, and how outgoing and willing to reach out a person is. But more than that, I’ve noticed that when I’m with my woman, I could give a shit about other people’s shitty attitudes, cause she is MY PARTNER, and she CHOSE ME. And people sense that. Which is probably why people thought we were married. I live by a credo, “It ain’t my problem they’ve got a bad attitude.” And if overall American society has a bad attitude, that’s not my problem. That’s theirs, and it’s reflected in what happens to them.

    Best credo EVAH.

    But back to the main subject, movies. There’s a shit load of movies with Asian male/White/Black/Latina female pairings, they tend to be the lesser known ones. I’ve also seen a fair number of TV series with AMXF pairings as well. Also, these tend to be the lesser known ones, unless you’re a fan of train wrecks like Jon and Kate plus 8.

    That said, I’ll stick to the novels. Besides, the sex scenes are better in em. 🙂

  11. Chris Waugh
    Chris Waugh December 10, 2011 at 6:21 pm | | Reply

    @David: “British/NZ”

    What?! If, as context suggests, your ‘NZ’ means New Zealand then I strongly suspect you don’t know much about the place. Lumping us in with the Brits is, well, dangerous. I mean, we react badly enough when people assume we must be just like the Aussies. More importantly, I think you’ll find mixed marriages are extremely common in NZ. After all, the first Europeans to settle there were sealers and whalers who saw a beautiful wahine on the beach, jumped ship, and got married. Since then Maori-Pakeha couples, including Maori man Pakeha woman, have been extremely common. To bring it back to Asian men and non-Asian women, growing up I knew more than a few kids with Chinese fathers and Pakeha mothers. Also, a little-known result of the gold rushes was a large group of Cantonese men settling down with Maori wives.

    Now, I’m not going to deny that racism exists in New Zealand. It exists in every society, and it is wrong. But please, before you go accusing all of us white fullas of being incorrigible racists you might want to check a few of your own assumptions.

  12. Kedai
    Kedai December 11, 2011 at 5:06 am | | Reply

    Major studios tend to stay away from plot novelties such as AMWF pairings because they have to consider selling their products outside the SF Bay Area. That’s why the films that depict such relationships tend to be the low-budget, niche-market ones.
    While “Green Card” might have acquired a better tinge of reality if some Asian actor had been cast for the male lead, my imagination is that such a decision would have caused some rolling of the eyes in the average movie-going public (particularly in the 1990s).
    It’s totally okay to contrive cinematic showcases of workplace diversity, but by making a romantic relationship of this variety the very subject of their movies, the filmmakers risk crossing the line of feel-good diversity into the unpredictable zone of knee-jerk reactions, even among those segments of their audience who are professedly “liberal” (in the American sense).
    Let’s just say there are some complexities about the human psyche that go beyond routine dichotomies of politics.

  13. David
    David December 11, 2011 at 1:53 pm | | Reply

    “Major studios tend to stay away from plot novelties such as AMWF pairings because they have to consider selling their products outside the SF Bay Area.”

    Precisely my point. Besides Hawaii and the West Coast even a AWWM pairing will not be accepted. I hardly see any these days. In fact, Hollywood would like to see Asian actors kept to a minumum. The Last Airbender was a prime example of where Asians should have been the main characters, but were not and the producer was of Indian origin. You would note that Felicity Jones is English. We have plenty of aspiring actors in America, white or otherwise. However, we seem to be importing a lot of actors from abroad. Of the 4,000 or so Hollywood acting jobs created every year from block buster movies to small ones, about half go to foreign actors (90% of them white) ranging from Poppy Montgomerry to the guy who plays Patrick Jane in the Mentalist. And the anti-immigration groups which are vehemently opposed to Chinese or Indian IT professionals and Filipina nurses (hardly 35,000 visas out of nearly 3 million jobs created every year), have little or nothing to say about this. Why? Most if not all actors from abroad are white and some are essentially displacing Asian American Actors. One Felicity Jones abroad means one less job for Kelly Hu or some other aspiring Asian American actor trying to break in from CA or HI. In fact, when I was in Hawaii one young lady who had acted in local plays told me that she went and spent six months in CA trying to land a role and all they prefer are white women with sexy foreign accent….and she was pretty hot! That is what many racists in America want to see….white people. So here is my conclusion: they cannot even sell an Asian actor to the racist white American audience..so much so they are reducing the role of Grace Park in Hawaii Five 0 and importing white foreign actors so as not to give chance to US citizens of Asian origin…how do you expect them to show movies involving AMWW or for that matter WMAW couples? Is it even realistic? Think about it!

  14. David
    David December 11, 2011 at 3:03 pm | | Reply


    The persistent dating color line

    Along with the civil rights movement came greater acceptance of interracial relationships in America. But how real and widespread was this change? Based on a nationally representative survey, sociologists suggest that the answer is not very. Only 46 and 62 percent of white men said they would be completely open to a relationship with a black or Asian partner, respectively. Although white women seem to be more tolerant of interracial relationships in general, they’re even less willing to actually engage in them: 35 and 39 percent said they’d be completely open to a relationship with a black or Asian partner, respectively. Meanwhile, there is a large group of people–especially white women–who won’t even consider interracial dating: 39 and 50 percent of white men and women, respectively, won’t consider a black partner at all, and 26 and 49 percent of white men and women, respectively, won’t consider an Asian partner. The sociologists speculate, in part based on prior literature, that white women “anticipate more family disapproval if they engage in interracial relationships” whereas, for white men, an interracial relationship “raises fewer questions about their manhood or their life chances.”

    Herman, M. & Campbell, M., “I Wouldn’t, But You Can: Attitudes toward Interracial Relationships,” Social Science Research (forthcoming).

  15. Dave
    Dave December 11, 2011 at 10:26 pm | | Reply

    @David – There’s a quote I live by from Mark Twain. It’s “There’s Lies, There’s damn Lies, and then there are statistics.”

    Speaking as a guy who’s dated a lot of women, My personal experience is that out of a random four women, when APPROACHED, not when ASKED in a Questionnaire, you’ll find about 1/4 opposed to the idea of dating outside her race. Then you’ll find 2/4 who aren’t sure, and are the one’s who answer no on a survey because they’re not sure, but when you ask her out, they end up dating you and having a relationship with you. I had an LTR with a woman who was like that.

    And then there is the 1/4 who are gung ho.

    So honestly, I don’t put much stake into statistics like that. Women are like women everywhere. They change their minds. And drive us men who are with them absolutely NUTS.

  16. Mina
    Mina December 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm | | Reply

    What about the movie SINGLES (early 1990’s) staring Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon. I certainly think a free spirited AM could take on the Matt Dillon role.

  17. David
    David December 14, 2011 at 2:12 pm | | Reply

    She never married a Chinese guy in the movies…Hollywood would never permit it and perhaps never will…but in real life she did marry a Chinese guy….


  18. Bruce
    Bruce December 14, 2011 at 2:57 pm | | Reply

    Women are very complicated and they change mind all the time. I believe in presentation is the key to win a woman’s heart. They say that Chinese men don’t like women who debate with you all the time but I love a good argument/debate over any subjects!!!! From politics to sports , business or woman’s stuff etc. Bring it on man! I love it !

  19. David
    David December 15, 2011 at 8:01 am | | Reply

    Yes Bruce, but I believe you were born in this country, right? Correct me if I am wrong!

  20. Friend
    Friend December 17, 2011 at 5:11 pm | | Reply



    It’s from the drama, They Kiss Again.
    The actor is Jiro Wang, and the actress is Resa (or Larissa) from Ukraine.

  21. Bruce
    Bruce December 19, 2011 at 3:31 pm | | Reply


    I was not born in the States? I socialize with people all the time and I know there are all kinds of people out there. Doesn’t matter what people say to you, don’t take it so serious! Have fun guys because you are the only ones make your relationship/marriage work for you. ONly you know your own business. Tell me, you see your gf/wife everyday or those people who make bad comments everyday huh? If those people know everything like relationship/marriage /etc, why the divorce is soo damn HIGH damn it!Think Think man not everything you see is real. EVen you see millionaire matchmakers on TV who are divorced! It’s all about rating and entertainment! Some professors who teach a marriage course in college who is not even married. How do you know that having a bf from the same race is good or perfect for you? What the “F” is this sexy thing with Frenh accent or Latin accent coming those men? I’ve talked to all kinds of people all over the world and I have listened to many accents. If you interact with men or women around you who are from that country/place you will find the accent to be attractive. I find Southern accent coming from a woman attractive too and I like Northern Vietnamese women speak Vietnamese (Hanoi city) ,too. Don’t get fooled by other women or men( white, blacks, asian etc) telling you which countries of men/women are good for you. If you’re happy every freaking day with that person, you don’t have to justify anything. I like guns, hunting, fishing but do I have to force Asian men to like what I like? The answer is NO. I’m Chinese but not every Chinese or Asian men think or like the same thing especially when it comes to women. Western women have choices nowadays. I always hear Western women are independent etc etc but most have to look around for approval from western men in order to date/marry Asian men while western men are screwing left and right with all kinds of women. Come on man, women are making more money than most men . You don’t need anybody’s approval. I understand some western men are very verbally and physcially aggressive but what’s is more aggressive than a bullet ( my metaphor). My point is you like what or who you like. You don’t need be in a whole group to like someone or something ! If your group of friends don’t like your bf or gf (asian )because they don’t know anything about him/her as a person. Tell those people to get the “F” out of here. You don’t need to have such and such kind of bf/gf in order to fit in your group of friends. I see alot of things in life so I’m telling you guys now. white men like quiet women but I like expressive women( metaphor) .Other men like Mercedes and Lexus but I would love to drive a 1960’s Corvette or Mustang ( 600 hp) . Just drive it to eat breakfast or drink coffee with my wife on the weekend! ahhhhh what a life! 🙂

  22. David
    David December 20, 2011 at 7:37 am | | Reply

    “I always hear Western women are independent etc etc but most have to look around for approval from western men in order to date/marry Asian men while western men are screwing left and right with all kinds of women.”

    I knew a guy back in the 1980s of a western guy who dated Asian women but did not want his sisters to date Asian men, actually the cousin of the woman he was dating.

  23. Bruce
    Bruce December 20, 2011 at 11:41 am | | Reply

    I know that people date you just to be part of a trend. Are we like hand bags or something that once you get tired of us , you’ll throw us aside like trunk ? We should “set the trend” not be in a trend ! I told a woman that you should understand that there are good men and good women in every race. She agrees. sometimes, dating for 3 to 6 yrs before marriage doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any fights after marriage. David, please ban me! I’m running out of saliva :). You take over for me for now.

  24. Dong Wan
    Dong Wan January 1, 2012 at 1:32 pm | | Reply

    I have friends who worked in Hollywood and some movies were originally written as AM/WF before being changed by the studio once bought.

    For example, “Romeo Must Die” with Jet Li was originally written to be an Asian Male/White Woman love story between a Japanese Yakuza guy and his love affair with the daughter of an Italian Mob boss.
    Unfortunately, it got changed to Chinese Triads and Black gangs in theaters.

    “Galaxy Quest” was written with an Asian man in the lead role and a White female love interest before being changed by Tim Allen and the director to what it is now.

    “Starship Troopers” was written with a Fillipino male character in the lead role, but got changed to a white guy for the movie version.

    The Burt Reynolds character in “Boogie Nights” was based on a Chinese-American man but changed by Paul Thomas Anderson for his movie.

    And Amanda Brown, author of “Legally Blonde,” is married to a Chinese-American man named Justin Chang. His character was also changed to a white guy in the movie version of Legally Blonde.

    The list is long and large.

    By the way, please help support AM/WF in media by taking a look at my book on Amazon’s Kindle, titled “RICE ON WHITE: AM/WF Erotica” — we need AM/WF stories to stay AM/WF and not be whitewashed away like Hollywood keeps doing to Asian men even in 2011/2012!

  25. Sveta
    Sveta January 1, 2012 at 10:43 pm | | Reply

    @ Dong Wan. I am sorry I am posting here but I do not have a twitter account and I am not sure how else to contact you 🙁 I actually do write stories for fun but on another blog: http://svetas-stories.blogspot.com/

    They are not erotic stories, but are romantic instead and for now they are Korean male/white female.

    I do not have a kindle unfortunately. I have tried to get into e-reading but couldn’t. If you’d like me to review your stories or whatnot, please send it to my email. And if possible please tell me a little more about the stories. If someone knows the mail, please send the message to Dong Wan, and I am sorry if this is inappropriate in any way or shape or form. Thank you.

  26. Cy
    Cy January 12, 2012 at 2:42 am | | Reply

    Wow, I cannot believe how great this site is! I’m a Chinese American male, and this is the first time I have ever posted anything on this site. Everything is so enriching and the ideas are so complex. I just completed my B.A. degree in history with an emphasis on China. I hope to do a PhD in China, almost a modern day Jinshi. Do most of you gals and guys carry a master’s degree? It sounds like all of you guys have at least a master’s and beyond because of well all of you write! Jocelyn, are you planning on writing a book? You write so well. In any event, I just wanted to comment on one American movie that should have had a Chinese actor in it and that was 21, the story of the MIT blackjack team who won lots of money from Las Vegas counting cards. The real life leading role person was actually a Chinese American who studied at MIT named Jeff Ma, and according to the real actor, he lived the fast paced life of easy money and sex, probably with white women. Seriously though, they changed the guy’s race from a real life story? What are they so afraid of? Let me know what you guys think.

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