Speaking of China’s Top 5 Friday Posts for 2011

J.T. Tran, the Asian Playboy
J.T. Tran tops the 2011 Friday posts with his exclusive interview with Speaking of China, where he doles out his dating advice for men. (photo from theotherasians.com)

Once again, we’re revisiting the best of 2011 by views for our Friday posts. Whether you’re new to this blog or looking for some classic articles, check out these top five posts:

  1. Ask the Yangxifu: Dating Advice for Chinese Men from J.T. Tran, the Asian Playboy. My conversation with J.T. Tran early in 2011 still remains one of the most popular posts on this site. A must-read for any Asian men wondering how to find the Western women of their dreams.
  2. Six Western Women of the Past Who Married Chinese Men. My post on these “yangxifu grandmothers” of the past inspired many of you.
  3. Ask the Yangxifu: Chinese Boyfriend Seems Too Chinese to Western Girlfriend. When a Western woman tells her Chinese boyfriend he’s “too Chinese,” he wonders — is “too Chinese” unattractive to Western women?
  4. Ask the Yangxifu: Staring in China at Couples of Chinese Men-Western Women. A Chinese man loves the Western woman he just started dating, but not the stares and attention from his fellow Chinese when they’re in public.
  5. Ask the Yangxifu: Western women in China are NOT all sluts. Despite what you might have seen Samantha doing in “Sex and the City,” all Western women are not sluts.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2012!

P.S.: Don’t forget to check out my Favorites page, with my own hand-picked list of the best posts on Speaking of China.

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8 Replies to “Speaking of China’s Top 5 Friday Posts for 2011”

  1. Good posts. Only one I haven’t read is one with JT I think. Is there a chance there are “pick-up” classes for women? It feels that no matter what I do or how I am, I tend to fail with guys and in the end they disappear into abyss, never telling me what I’ve done wrong. If it happened once or twice then okay, bad luck. But it happens ALL THE TIME.

  2. I think that post on being too Chinese drew a lot of heated discussion and was one of the more interesting ones. Phew! And the one on being stared at. Nobody enjoys being gawked at like a zoo animal, but I guess that is more or less to be expected where intercultural couples are still very much a rarity.


    Nice To Meet You, and Happy 2012!

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