Ask the Yangxifu: Top 5 Posts for 2010

Toasting people with my Chinese husband at our wedding banquet
A the top five most popular posts (by views) in Ask the Yangxifu, for 2010! 😉

I launched Ask the Yangxifu in 2010 as a platform to answer the many questions and conundrums readers sent my way about love, dating, marriage and family. And, as it turns out, it’s been the most popular source of content for this website, hands-down.

So, as I celebrate the holidays and ring in 2011, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you your most favorite Ask the Yangxifu columns, ranked by views:

1. How Western Women Can Meet Chinese Men in China. Chinese men, take heart — if this ranking is any measure, there are a lot more Western women out there looking to meet you than you think. 😉

2. How to Impress Your Chinese Boyfriend’s (or Girlfriend’s) Family During Chinese New Year. This how-to, inspired by my own “meet-the-parents” experience during Chinese New Year, has become a go-to for many Westerners wondering how to survive that crucial first meeting.

3. How Can Chinese Men and Western Women Get Along as a Couple? I couldn’t resist answering this question, from a Chinese guy who wondered how two people from such drastically different cultures could make it work. And given that’s one of the top five posts, you couldn’t resist it, either. 😉

4. Change Your Name After Marriage in China? I answered this question for my friend Gerald — erroneously, as it turns out, because the issue in his case was that he wanted to change his own name when he married his Chinese girlfriend (Sorry, Gerald). Still, it was fun to write, and started a whole conversation about how to handle this Western tradition for women in China.

5. What Western Women Think of Chinese Men. My translation of a Xinhua article on a study of Western women and their impressions of Chinese men really got your attention.

Happy New Year (新年快乐), and I’ll see you on January 7, 2011 with a fresh new Ask the Yangxifu column!

P.S.: Quick programming note — just wanted to let readers also know that my column, Travel China with the Yangxifu, will be on hold in 2011 until further notice. Why? Well, it gets pretty tough to write about traveling China when you spend most of the year in the US. 😉 Travel lovers, hope you understand. And don’t worry — I’ll be going to China in summer 2011, so the travel bug might just inspire me to put pen to paper once again. Stay tuned. 😉


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  1. Happy new year Jocelyn! Now just wait for the Chinese new year 🙂 And once again thank you for writing this interesting blog. This was the first place where I understood that I’m not alone in this world were Chinese guys are concidered a top catch! I have really enjoyed your posts and can’t wait for friday to have a new one.

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