Exclusive $0.99 E-Book Deal on New AMWF Romance Novel “Ferry Tale” (Ends in 24 Hours!)

Shannon Young has just launched her new AMWF romance novel Ferry Tale: A Hong Kong Love Story.

Because you, my readers, have been so supportive of her own AMWF memoir Year of Fire Dragons, she asked me to offer you an exclusive $0.99 deal on Ferry Tale.

That’s right – you can buy a copy of Shannon’s latest novel Ferry Tale for only $0.99. But you’ve got to act fast. This deal is only good for 24 hours!

Ferry Tale - A Hong Kong Love Story

Shannon gave me an advance copy of Ferry Tale. It’s as enchanting as any big-screen rom com – but better, thanks to the Hong Kong setting and charming AMWF couple. Here’s the synopsis:

She wants to be someone else…

Katrina Keller flees to Hong Kong after the most humiliating moment of her life goes viral on YouTube. She starts over as a lounge singer in a fancy hotel, wishing only to be anonymous. But that’s tricky when you’re the wrong end of an Internet joke.

He doesn’t want to risk another heartbreak…

Sam So transfers to Hong Kong after his long-term girlfriend cheats on him. He doesn’t want to risk another heartbreak by dating again, and he’s not even sure how people date in the world of Tinder and texting anyway.

When the two meet on the Star Ferry, Katrina will tell him she’s someone else, someone who’s as cool and sophisticated as she’s always wanted to be. Sam will be too caught up in her spell to remember he’s supposed to be avoiding relationships. But it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Will they get their enchanted romance, or will Katrina’s lie destroy it all?

From the author of Year of Fire Dragons and The Art of Escalator Jumping comes a modern day fairytale about finding romance in an age when we tend to Google the mystery right out of love.

Shannon Young is such a gifted writer (to see what I mean, read this guest post she submitted for my site) – so really, getting her new book Ferry Tale for $0.99 is a real bargain!

This is also a really fun, lighthearted romance perfect for whiling away the hours. It’s the sort of book I’d take with me on the plane, or to the beach, or even a weekend getaway. And if you’re looking for a good Valentine’s Day read, this book would be ideal.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your $0.99 copy of Ferry Tale: A Hong Kong Love Story by Shannon Young right now. You won’t regret it! And act fastthis deal only lasts for 24 hours before the price goes up!

Shannon Young
Shannon Young
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  1. I read her book called “The Year of the Fire Dragons” and I must confess that it was well written and gripping. I am looking forward to the paperback release of “Ferry Tale” and I will certainly considering buying it.

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