Her Abusive Husband Still Has the Kids; She Fights to See Them Again

Ruth Silbermayr-Song, the author of the blog China Elevator Stories, was separated from her children in 2019. In 2020, all contact to her children was cut off by her ex-husband, as detailed in an interview on this blog.

Ruth asked me to share an update about her situation:

A few days ago, the court in Austria has declined my request for receiving sole custody of my children and has declined my request to see my children in their summer holidays. I have been allowed a call with my children two days a week, which is much less than the daily calls I have requested. (I have appealed the decision on January 23rd).

My children are not being protected from abuse, and in my opinion, the court’s decision is in violation of basic human rights, such as parents being allowed to parent their own children and being allowed to see their children.

Ruth has created a Change.org petition in German, which calls on signers to back the following text:

I support Ms. Ruth Silbermayr-Song, BA, in obtaining sole custody of her children, Emil and Nino Silbermayr-Song. I speak out against the protection of fathers who abuse their (ex-) wives and children mentally, emotionally, and in other ways, and endanger their children’s well-being. I support the victims (the mother and the children), not the perpetrator (the father).

Ruth still needs your support. Please sign her petition here.

6 Replies to “Her Abusive Husband Still Has the Kids; She Fights to See Them Again”

  1. Ooh can that little manlet just come to Michigan for just a day? We still have not got over the fact that one of our best friends, Boopac Shakur, had been shot and killed by a coward pedo that we were trying to catch last year. We will f**k up any coward who wants to come here and challenge us.

  2. We only know the story from her POV and we don’t the story from his perspective. This is unfair and biaised storytelling.

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