Photo Essay: Blossoming Summer Memories of the Lotus

The pure pink resilience of the lotus blooms dazzled us on our late summer walks this year in Hangzhou, including by the city’s renowned West Lake.

Generations of Chinese have admired the lotus as a symbol of purity, as it emerges from the mud underwater without stain. I admire the shades of pink — from light rose to a deep flamingo — in these delicate flowers, which shine even brighter under the intense late summer sunshine, and offer some aesthetic consolation for those brave enough to endure the heat and humidity to gaze upon their beauty.

As summer draws to a close, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos from strolls beside Hangzhou’s West Lake.

This corner of the West Lake bristles with lotus plants and their blossoms, growing upright toward the brilliant sun beside a pavillion.
Up close, the lotus blossom appears as delicate as a porcelain tea cup.
I couldn’t believe how tall the lotus blossoms were — some almost rivaled my height!
Nature painted an almost flawless landscape that afternoon at the West Lake.
The lotus plants and blossoms blanketed entire corners of the lake, with such lovely scenes to savor for both Jun and myself.

What are your favorite flowers of the summer? Where do you go to enjoy them?

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  1. It’s nice to see you and Jun are doing okay now. I hope you had read my latest e-mails to you. I’m glad you had a new post in your speaking of china blog

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