Saluting Blogs Written By Asian Men

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Since it’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month here in the US, I didn’t want to miss this chance to give a shout out to blogs I follow and link to written by Asian men. Since this is by no means an exhaustive list — and I’m always looking for more great reads — please comment in on your favorites so I can add them to my reader!

8Asians. This group blog focused on Asian issues, culture and politics is edited by Asian women (the editor-in-chief is also named Jocelyn — woo-hoo!), but has a lot of Asian men contributing — including Koji’s post countering the usual stereotypes about Asian men’s penis sizes, and this recent addition by Tim on preconceptions based on the way you talk and look.

Angry Asian Man. Phil Yu’s classic blog, described as “Asian America’s most bookmarked blog”, is an empowering must-read for anyone tired of misconceptions about Asian men.

Dave’s New Adventure. David Nghiem has logged almost 6,000 miles on bicycle adventures through Central and South America over two and a half years (which he captured in his book titled Jackfruit). He blogs about bicycle touring and adventure at his website.

Door Half Open. Written by a Chinese American born in Hong Kong and raised in California, he explores identity, Asian American issues and more through some very thoughtful posts — such as this one titled Becoming Asian.

Jeff Yang on the Speakeasy Blog, Wall Street Journal. When I first stumbled upon Jeff’s article exploring the rarity of interracial relationships with Asian men, I became an instant fan. And even better, I can follow his writing at the Wall Street Journal blog. Loved his post back in April titled Why My Immigrant Christian Conservative Dad Supports Same-Sex Marriage.

JT Tran. Also known as the Asian Playboy, JT is a dating coach and pickup artist who has built a reputation on empowering Asian men to attract the non-Asian women of their dreams — and continues his support for the community through his blogs at ABCs of Attraction and AMWW Magazine. Check out his recent four-part series about Asian Stereotypes on ABC’s of Attraction, and Asian Men – 10 Signs She’s Head over Heels for Asian Men @ AMWW Mag. (Full disclosure: I’ve written for the AMWW Magazine, and ABCs of Attraction advertises on my blog.)

Life as an Ordinary Malaysian. Written by a Malaysian Chinese based in Malaysia, this blog covers everything from life and politics in Malaysia to the experience of being Chinese in Malaysia.

The Love Life of an Asian Guy. Ranier Maningding’s blog — subtitled “The Ultimate Guide for Non-Asian Girls Looking For Prince “Charm-Ying” — is super-hilarious, addictive and very smart. How can you resist a guy with posts titled Interracial Dating Q&A #3: Help! My Asian Boyfriend Won’t Have Sex With Me! or Shit White Girls Don’t Know: The Difference Between Dating An Asian vs Asian-American Man.

On (or close to) schedule. Logan Lo, who describes himself as “a struggling NYC-based writer that hopes one day to be a non-struggling NYC-based writer”, muses about anything and everything in his life, but I especially love his recent post on Asian males and White females (with a lovely photo of Logan and his wife!).

Romance of the Chinese Man. A Hong Kong Chinese who goes by the pen name Werther Armand writes about whatever he’s thinking about, but I’ve found his take on student life abroad to be one of the most honest assessments I’ve ever encountered.

Thoughts of a 1.5 Generation. Chinese American Sean writes about anything on his mind, but I’m a huge fan of his recent posts about his wedding and honeymoon in Hong Kong/China (he married a Caucasian American woman). Congratulations to Sean and Lisette! And don’t miss their gorgeous wedding photos.

You Offend Me, You Offend My Family. This is THE leading Asian American pop culture blog and while it’s not exclusively written by Asian men, there are so many influential Asian men writing here — from Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions to the Fast and the Furious star Sung Kang — that you don’t want to miss it. Also check out their Youtube Channel.

What blogs written by Asian men would you recommend reading?

16 Replies to “Saluting Blogs Written By Asian Men”

  1. Thank you Jocelyn for heating up a big my traffic.
    I actually want to approach your subject for quite some time since I first wrote my blog two years ago. It’s gonna be fun and we will see if we can have some more insights to share.

    Thank you very much for staying with me.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’m returning the favor AND you now have a new loyal reader. Plus I’m going to live vicariously through you and imagine I’m in China.


  3. @Werther Armand, great to hear from you! After what you wrote about student life abroad, I’ll always be a fan of yours!

    @Logan Lo, I’m touched by your comment! Well, you might have to wait a while for living vicariously through my life in China — I’m actually still based in the US at the moment. But we do at some point plan to move to China, either this year or next depending.

    @Andi, thanks for the comment — and for following!

    @AG, great suggestion!

    @Marsha Takeda-Morrison, thanks for the suggestions!

    @Blossom, my pleasure!

    @Eileen, you’re welcome!

    @Ordinary Malaysian, it’s a pleasure to mention your blog!

  4. @Jocelyn – ah, understood. Well, when you *do * move to China, I will def. be living through you.

    One regret I have about my travels is that I only got into photography a few years ago, while I did all my heavy traveling in my 20s. So I just have these poor, low-res shots of everything. Very disappointing.

    It might be a hobby you can look into before you leave since the cost of the hobby is the equipment and then it’s just snapping away and finding something that appeals to you.

    Anywho, off topic but I wanted to mention it.

  5. Ahahaha! OMG! I got profiled on your blog? Well I’ll be damned. 😀 Thanks Jocelyn, I do appreciate it, although, I gotta say, I work much more on the overall human perspective rather than an ethnic/racial perspective, except when it comes to the Alliance that’s actively working against the Bankster cabal. An Alliance who happen to be lead by China. I see myself as a human being first and foremost.

    Still, much appreciated!

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