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We're opening up Speaking of China to your stories and more new content. (photo by weliton slima)

Readers, we’re taking a “Great Leap Forward” in the Friday content. I’ve enjoyed writing Ask the Yangxifu since early 2010, but it’s time to bring in something new.

Now, don’t worry, Ask the Yangxifu fans. I’m still running the column at least one Friday a month — so keep those questions coming.

But what about the other Fridays? you ask. Here’s the deal…

I’d like to continue inviting readers into the conversation with two new and entirely reader-driven columns. You either submit your stories — or suggest I cover stories from your blog — for the following topics:

Double HappinessHow did you meet? Why do you love each other? We want answers from couples of Chinese men and Western women.

Yin-Yang: How do couples of Chinese men and Western women “make it work,” and balance their differences in harmony? How do two different people “complete each other” in unexpected ways?

For a long time, I’ve wanted to share stories from the Chinese men-Western women community — and look forward to doing that in these new columns.

Obviously, some of you already have stories like these on your blogs (such as how you met, or how/why you fell in love). That’s great — I want to hear from you too. In fact, I’m sure a lot of themes emerge, which might even make for great thematic posts (where I quote from a number of blogs).

Interested? Learn more about how to submit your story or suggest your blog post.

I also have two more columns I’ll swap in on Fridays:

Yangxifu Pride: Posts that make us proud to be a part of the “Yangxifu sisterhood” — such as our “grandmothers,” great books and movies, amazing people in the community, and more. I’ve done a lot of this before in Ask the Yangxifu, but I think it’s worth a series of its own. Got an idea? Tell me about it.

Mandarin Love: Romantic Mandarin Chinese phrases and idioms for lovers, way beyond “Wo Ai Ni” and the typical lovers’ Chinese vocabulary lists. If you have a good suggestion, let me know.

How often will these run? Again, I plan to run Ask the Yangxifu at least once a month, and alternate with these four other series. Over time, we’ll see what you like and do more of that, and let go of what you don’t.

Thanks for being a part of the conversation! I can’t wait to share more of your stories, the pride and a little wordplay too. 😉

So what do you think of these changes? I want to hear from you!

11 Replies to “Submit Your Stories (And More): New Content Coming”

  1. Interesting invite, Jocelyn. Because CMWW relationships are still few and far between unlike WMCW couplings, it would be interesting indeed to read of their experiences and how they cope with their lives as a tiny minority.

  2. Sounds wonderful Jocelyn. You are so very talented with your blog, and so passionate about this topic, any changes you make are going to be engaging and fascinating. I LOVE this blog like no other and I equally share your passion.. 🙂 I can’t believe how educational it has been, how much I have learned, and how encouraging and insightful you and your readers are. I always eagerly await your Friday “question” and the reponses from you and your readers, so I am very relieved that you are not canning it! 🙂 The changes you mention sound great to me though. You really do make this world a smaller place.. 🙂

  3. I might be looking forward to Mandarin Love and blog topics you mention. I might soon start writing a fictional story involving a Chinese man (half Cantonese/half Han or half Manchurian Chinese) and expressions such as these will be useful to me. *rubs hands gleefully, prepares an evil laugh* If you ever decide to do anything relating to Koreans, you can contact me 😀

    1. @Confused Laowai, @Claire, @ordinarymalaysian, @Eileen, @Blossom, @Sveta, thanks so much for your comments and support! I’d certainly welcome stories from any and all of you, and definitely will look forward to your feedback as I launch these series. 😉

  4. I don’t know I will be able to help. I’m dreadful at expressing myself. xD I am looking forward to reading other people’s experiences, though!

  5. Great idea! Looking forward to everyone’s stories. I might try and submit my own 🙂 Been enjoying seeing the progression of your blog over the past two years and these new columns will be a nice addition!

    1. @Eileen, I don’t think you’re dreadful at all at expressing yourself — I’ve been reading your blog and find your stories to be very relatable, and told with a lot of heart. Your writing would definitely be welcome here!

      @Natalie, you would certainly be welcome to submit something anytime. Look forward to reading yours!

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