Jun Yu v. Idaho State University State Lawsuit – Public Documents

Besides Jun Yu’s ongoing lawsuit against Idaho State University in US Federal Court, he has filed a second lawsuit against Idaho State University in Idaho state court (Case number CV-2018-0000661-OC in Bannock county) with 17 counts involving due process and contract breaches.

Jun’s experts have concluded (see reports and declarations from experts here, here and here) that Idaho State University violated standards in professional psychology (e.g., American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics and APA Accreditation standards) and academic norms.

Additionally, when compared to other similarly situated students, Jun was unfavorably treated by Idaho State University in six (6) identified areas, proving that ISU unlawfully discriminated against him.

You can learn more about this important case by reviewing the documents below filed on the public record. (For an overview of the facts in this case, please visit the Jun Yu versus Idaho State University Fact Sheet.)