The Date Night China Podcast Featured Me

Date Night China, which features stories and conversations about dating in China, interviewed me for the most recent episode of their podcast, titled Meet The Foreign Wife of a Chinese Man (Yangxifu 洋媳妇). Here’s the summary of the episode:

In this week’s episode, we talk to Jocelyn, an American woman who is married to Jun, a Chinese national from Hangzhou. We discuss her experience as a “yangxifu 洋媳妇” (the foreign wife of a Chinese man), stereotypes of being in a WWAM (Western Women Asian Men) relationship, and how she found community with other foreign women who are married to Chinese men.

You can find the full podcast on Anchor FM (where you can find also links to the episode in Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts as well as other platforms).

And if you’re in China, listen to the full podcast on Bilibilli.

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