Eddie Peng’s Flirtatious Scarf Exchange in Longines Ad Makes Me Smile

I’m not often one to notice advertisements, but this campaign from Longines, featuring Taiwanese-born Canadian actor and Longines brand ambassador Eddie Peng, has me — and my husband — all in smiles.

First off, I love how Eddie plays this ultimate kind of gentleman — all debonair in a fine gray suit, strolling around a horse racing venue with the kind of easy confidence of someone like James Bond. Nice to see an Asian man represented in such a positive, aspirational role in a TV commercial.

But it’s the subtle flirtation between him and a white woman in the commercial that always gets me. While walking past him, her silk scarf gets blown away — only to be caught by Peng’s character in one graceful lunge. Her face lights up in a smile, and as he offers the scarf back to her, their hands nearly touch, leading to the kind of blushing faces and playful glances that could only happen when two people share a “moment”.

And as the young woman walks away, she gives him one last wistful look, as if contemplating the possibility of something with this handsome gentleman.

This commercial never fails to make me and my husband laugh. We have this inside joke that he’s the guy in the spot, giving me back my silk scarf — totally corny, I know!

If you’ve never seen this Longines commercial with Eddie Peng, take a look on Youtube:

Or, if you’re in China, see it on Bilibili.

What do you think of this Longines commercial?