Help Support Fused Society, a Publication Celebrating the Fusion of Different Cultures

Fused Society, a new publication celebrating hapas, interracial/cross-cultural relationships and more, is raising funds for printing on and needs your support!


Created by Eva Cohen (who is also published along with me in How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?) and Mai Huynh, the publication “showcases essays, creative writing and art about the fusion of different cultures, groups, and people” and invites submissions from people like you.

This round of funding will go towards the costs of printing their First Edition, which features stories from people of mixed racial, ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds (including Susan Blumberg-Kason’s Chinese Jewish American son). Anything money raised above and beyond their goal will go towards the next editions of their magazine (the Second Edition will include one of my essays!)

Funding levels start at as little as $10 US dollars  (which I’ve donated — this level gets you a copy of their magazine and a Fused Society magnet). Head on over to their page, where you can find sample pages from their forthcoming First Edition and choose a supporting level that works for you.

P.S.: Their Second Edition highlighting cross-cultural and interracial relationships is still seeking submissions. If you’d like to contribute an essay, creative writing or art to this worthy publication, visit the Fused Society submissions page to learn more.