4 Hot Asian Male Athletes We’re Watching at the 2016 Olympics

Half the fun of watching the Olympics is the athletes themselves. They can inspire, amaze, and even catch our eyes in the best possible way. Including many of the Asian men we’ve seen competing in Rio.

Here are 4 of the attractive Asian male athletes that we’re watching at the 2016 Olympics (listed in no particular order):

Ning Zetao

(Image via http://news.cbg.cn/gndjj/2016/0812/4313461.shtml)
(Image via http://news.cbg.cn/gndjj/2016/0812/4313461.shtml)

Never mind that 23-year old Chinese swimmer Ning Zetao hasn’t medaled in a single event. His perfect physique and gorgeous face have had everyone crushing over him, even before the Olympics began! He inspired that famous headline “Forget Zika Virus — China’s Hottest Olympic Swimmer Is Giving The Internet Yellow Fever” (a headline that spurred some Internet frenzy – see the article “No, White People, You Can’t Take Away “Yellow Fever” from Asians”).

Anyhow, just peruse the many luscious photos of Ning Zetao online – and enjoy. 😉

Long Qingquan

(Image via www.news.cn)

He’s totally ripped. He just won the gold medal in weightlifting. And he even set a world record. Meet 25-year-old Long Qingquan, your ultimate muscle man/weightlifting crush. Wouldn’t you love to run into him over those barbells?

Kohei Uchimura

9d87ba6c47fd629e497d4cc38e8450b2Speaking of hotties in the gym, there’s also the legendary 27-year old gymnast from Japan, Kohei Uchimura, who is a seven-time Olympic medalist. You have to love his boyish grin, his cool hair, and that chiseled physique. And since he’s also considered the greatest gymnast of all time, just imagine all the fun (horizontal and vertical) you could have with this guy. 😉

Joseph Schooling

(Image via http://www.zwemza.com/?p=21996)

This 21-year-old swimmer from Singapore has dreamy brown eyes and a 100-watt smile. But more importantly, there’s something kind of sexy about not only getting the first-ever gold medal for your country but also beating celebrated Olympian Michael Phelps to do it.

Who else would you include on this list? Sound off in the comments!

UPDATE: I’d like to add the following names suggested by readers and fans: