Featured on DatingAdvice.com: Blog Aids Couples In Intercultural Relationships — Especially Western Women & Asian Men

I’m thrilled to share that the website DatingAdvice.com just ran a feature article profiling my blog, titled Speaking Of China: Jocelyn Eikenburg’s Blog Aids Couples In Intercultural Relationships — Especially Western Women & Asian Men. Here are some excerpts from the piece:

The Short Version: Nearly a decade ago, blogger Jocelyn Eikenburg noticed the lack of online stories about Western women in relationships with Asian men. But she had a unique perspective on the situation after falling in love with an Asian man while teaching in China. So Jocelyn started Speaking of China, a blog detailing her life journey, and she quickly realized she wasn’t alone. Over the years, the blog has transformed into an advice column and community of readers who discuss a broad spectrum of interracial and intercultural relationship issues. It has become a resource for people who struggle against cultural norms to keep their love strong.

As a Caucasian woman married to a Chinese man, Jocelyn realized that there weren’t many online resources that described what it’s like to date — or marry someone — across those two particular cultures. Her blog, Speaking of China, is a personal look at her life, written so that readers can relate, no matter what kind of relationship they’re in.

“I write from the heart, and I believe that’s the kind of passion and warmth you’ll find in the posts on Speaking of China,” Jocelyn said. “Some have lauded my work for showing empathy and for giving readers a place to feel heard and understood.”

You can read the full piece at DatingAdvice.com. And as always, if you enjoy the piece, don’t forget to share it!

Also, special thanks to Flye Hudson, for granting permission to use one of her fantastic photos, as featured in the post 9 Powerful ‘AMWF Superman’ Photos to ‘Save’ Your Day.

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