Exclusive WeChat 11:11 Deals Just For You

Christmas in ChinaEveryone, the big day is almost here.

I’m talking about 11:11 — Double Eleven Day in China (双11), also known as Single’s Day.

Last year, I shared my story of how I nabbed a fantastic down jacket and sweater on 11:11.

But this year, I’d like to share the 11:11 love with all of my blog fans. I’m offering you exclusive 11:11 deals from WeChat stores run by some fabulous Western women who also have Chinese husbands.

IMG_0261Like shoes? Jo Kelly-Bai, who runs Heilan Fashions (learn more about her in this interview with her), has a deal for you in her store.

Size 34 to 39, only 375 RMB

All shoes 10% off with free regular shipping for singles day!

Sizes 40 to 43 only.

She says, next to diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend — can’t argue with that, especially with some of the hip styles she’s carrying.

Sizes 40 to 43 only.
Sizes 34 to 41, only 98 RMB.

You can purchase these and many more by visiting her store on WeChat.mmexport1447929080044

Jess Meider, an amazing Jazz singer who appeared on CCTV’s Crossover with me last year, just opened a WeChat Store together with her friends.

1974467648It’s called The Green Room and they sell blends of natural oils specially formulated to care for your skin and hair. 1888861751

I love their Hair Glow Elixir. It’s my new favorite pomade/anti-frizz hair oil.

But they also have a neat line of natural oil blends for every different skin type — and they’re offering a special promo for 11:11 on The Green Room Discovery Kit.

612544764Now until 20th December, purchase The Green Room Discovery Kit (5ML bottles of 4 face serums Miracle 5, Miracle 7, Super Hydr8 & Miracle T) and receive a voucher for a full size serum of your choice. It’s a great way to experience all four face serums and then choose a full size of your favorite!


This offer is only available through The Green Room WeChat Store:1504374280

Ember Swift Interview Part 1 – How China Changed Her Music

Ember Swift
Ember Swift, performing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. (photo by Frederick Ellert)

She’s an independent Canadian musician and singer-songwriter with her own label and 11 albums to her name (including one in English and Mandarin Chinese), whose eclectic style defies categorization. She writes for Herizons, Beijing Kids and China.org, and also publishes stories about her intercultural relationship and Chinese family life in her smartly written blogs. And did I mention she’s married to Guo Jian, the lead singer/bassist of Long Shen Dao, China’s hottest reggae band?

Meet Ember Swift, a talented artist — and outstanding yangxifu — that I’m proud to introduce to you. You can purchase her music at iTunes and her website, check out her must-read blogs, and also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Sina Weibo.

In Part 1 of our interview, I asked Ember about her career — from how China transformed her sound to what’s next for her as a musician and a writer. Continue reading “Ember Swift Interview Part 1 – How China Changed Her Music”