Ask the Yangxifu: Texting to Ask a Chinese Guy Out?

Picture of the textpad and screen on a smartphone
A woman is interested in a Chinese guy, but they work in a romance-unfriendly government organization. Should she text him to ask him out? (photo by John Lee)

N asks:

I’m interested in this Chinese guy. When there is a group of us at work he doesn’t speak to me as much as when the two of us pass each other in the office when nobody else is there. This makes me think that he doesn’t want the other colleagues to see us become friends. Our company is part of a government organisation. He has shown interest by smiling, eye contact and staring. He’s asked me questions about when I’m going away and how long I plan to stay in China.

I’ve been thinking of asking him out via text. Do you think this will be seen as too keen or a bit sloppy? Continue reading “Ask the Yangxifu: Texting to Ask a Chinese Guy Out?”