Enter to Win 3 AMWF Memoirs of Love, Travel and Life in Asia (Ends July 7)!

If you love stories of real-life AMWF couples, here’s your chance to win a bundle of three AMWF memoirs of love, travel and life in Asia! This giveaway is open to ANYONE in the world and it ends July 7.


Longtime readers know about Year of Fire Dragons by Shannon Young and Here Comes the Sun by Leza Lowitz — two books I’ve already featured on the blog (see Shannon’s guest post and my recent interview with Leza). On top of these fantastic titles, the bundle includes The Good Shufu by Tracy Slater (note, I’ll be running an interview with Tracy here on the blog later on).

One winner will be randomly selected to receive ALL THREE books. Want to win? Scroll down this post to enter the giveaway!

The Good Shufu by Tracy Slater

The Good Shufu: Finding Love, Self, & Home on the Far Side of the World
By Tracy Slater

The Good Shufu is a true story of multicultural love, marriage, and mixups. When Tracy Slater, a highly independent American academic, falls head-over-heels in love with the least likely person in the world–a traditional Japanese salaryman who barely speaks English–she must choose between the existence she’d meticulously planned in the US and life as an illiterate housewife in Osaka. Rather than an ordinary travel memoir, this is a book about building a whole life in a language you don’t speak and a land you can barely navigate, and yet somehow finding a truer sense of home and meaning than ever before. A Summer ’15 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection, The Good Shufu is a celebration of the life least expected: messy, overwhelming, and deeply enriching in its complications.
Putnam/Penguin, June 30, 2015


Year of Fire Dragons: An American Woman’s Story of Coming of Age in Hong Kong
By Shannon Young

In 2010, bookish 22-year-old Shannon follows her Eurasian boyfriend to Hong Kong, eager to forge a new love story in his hometown. She thinks their long distance romance is over, but a month later his company sends him to London. Shannon embarks on a wide-eyed newcomer’s journey through Hong Kong—alone. She teaches in a local school as the only foreigner, explores Asia with other young expats, and discovers a family history of her own in Hong Kong. The city enchants her, forcing her to question her plans. Soon, she must make a choice between her new life and the love that first brought her to Asia. Susan Blumberg-Kason, author of Good Chinese Wife, has called Year of Fire Dragons “a riveting coming of age story” and “a testament to the distance people will travel for love.”
Blacksmith Books, June 15, 2015

Here Comes the Sun by Leza Lowitz

Here Comes the Sun: A Journey to Adoption in 8 Chakras
By Leza Lowitz

At 30, Californian Leza Lowitz is single and traveling the world, which suits her just fine. Coming of age in Berkeley during the feminist revolution of the 1970s, she learned that marriage and family could wait. Or could they? When Leza moves to Japan and falls in love with a Japanese man, her heart opens in ways she never thought possible. But she’s still an outsider, and home is far away. Rather than struggle to fit in, she opens a yoga studio and makes a home for others. Then, at 44, Leza and her Japanese husband seek to adopt—in a country where bloodlines are paramount and family ties are almost feudal in their cultural importance. She travels to India to work on herself and back to California to deal with her past. Something is still not complete until she learns that when you give a little love to a child, you get the whole world in return. The author’s deep connection to yoga shows her that infertile does not mean inconceivable. By adapting and adopting, she transcends her struggles and embraces the joys of motherhood. “Here Comes the Sun proves that love is not bound by blood. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that which connects us, holds us together, and makes us family.”—MC Yogi
Stonebridge Press, June 2015


Enter the giveaway right now through the Rafflecopter widget below. (Folks in China, you must use a VPN to access the giveaway.)

You can also click on this link to enter the giveaway. It ends July 7, so don’t wait! And best of luck to everyone!

25 Replies to “Enter to Win 3 AMWF Memoirs of Love, Travel and Life in Asia (Ends July 7)!”

  1. Excited to have another chance to enter in this drawing. China Elevator Stories is doing it too! All of these books sound quite intriguing.

    How do you have the chance to offer this?

  2. Thank you so much Jocelyn for this giveaway! These books have been on my radar for quite a bit of time now!

  3. Hi Jocelyn!
    Ever since my daughter has married a Chinese man, I have been amazed with the AMWF community. I hope to learn more about it through your blog and through these wonderful books.

  4. I’ve never realized how big the AMWF community was, nor the multiplicity of experience there was, before discovering your blog. Thanks for sharing all these with us!

  5. Hi! My name is Gwynne, I have been reading your blog for quite a while but I have never commented before! I am very interested in Chinese culture and the Chinese language (I’m also dating a Chinese guy), and I love hearing about your experiences with Chinese culture and in China! Reading your interpretations and reactions to the things you see has made me better understand my own experiences as a foreigner in China and as a Chinese language learner. Thank you!

  6. I love it how you allow people to enjoy and be a part of your life. I always look forward to your blogposts:)! Keep up the good work :)!

  7. Hi Jocelyn
    No better way to tell the story than the post we have in your blog.
    In China since 2011, in love since then. Officially married for 2 years and loving this life more and more every day.
    Despite all the stress of living in Shanghai and the pressure and working hours, we both manage to keep it together!

  8. I’m very happy to be a part of the amwf-world. It is pretty interesting to follow the blogs of my favorite blogsters, reading all the things about your point of view made my life very rich. Thank you!

  9. This is great! Thank you for the opportunity. I wasn’t aware of how many books are out there regarding Asian men and non Asian women. It gives hope to women who are interested, me especially in AMBW couples. It’s not always very prominent in media and/or something that is seen every day.

  10. I just read “Year of the Fire Dragons” and it was great! I think I might read the other two now. Maybe I should see if I was the lucky winner first. . . .

  11. What a great giveaway! And two with a Japan focus… excellent.
    The question was to “share your own story of love and life abroad” so… way back in 2007, while living in Japan, I was introduced to my future hubby. Eyes glazed over, knees collapsed and barely breathing was how I remember our first meeting. While it took effort, persistence and ridiculous flirting to seal the deal, we were engaged 7 months later. And then I made him wait for almost a year before we got married. (Fall head over heels into gooey love first and then panic and be practical.) Of course, there is always more to any tale of romance and some day, I just might write about it. Now fingers crossed that I’m the lucky one to dive into the stories of three other women!

  12. What a interesting give away.

    I’m actually a follower of your blog for over a year, although this is my few times that I leave a comment.

    About my story, I’m a Hongkongese man living in HK with my wife (from the UK). Recently, we’ve started a new blog called the Globe Trotting Adventurer, which is basically a blog about our adventure as a couple.

    I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



  13. Wonderful! Talking about love and relationships gives some of the deepest insights into culture – from a perspective that has mutual acceptance and respect kind of inbuilt into it. One of my favourite ways to read about China and Asia 🙂

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