8 Bands to Help You Learn Mandarin Chinese, Pub’d on Matador

Screenshot of my article, 8 bands to help you learn Mandarin Chinese
Check out my latest article at Matador

Matador just published another piece of mine titled 8 Bands to Help You Learn Mandarin Chinese. In it, I recommend eight bands and artists, primarily folks who write and sing their own original music, that can help boost your Mandarin Chinese studies. Here’s a snippet of it:

HEAVY APPLICATION OF THE “KARAOKE METHOD” has improved my Chinese and taught me some conversational phrases like bùzhībùjué (unnoticeably) and búyào jiànwài (don’t be a stranger).

 To find out what bands and artists I recommended, read the full piece at Matador now. And if you like it, share it. Thanks!
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7 Replies to “8 Bands to Help You Learn Mandarin Chinese, Pub’d on Matador”

  1. It is true that one of the fun ways to learn a language is through songs. No doubt the range of vocabulary used may be limited, but at least you get to learn and retain what you have learned better because it is, well, fun! Jay Chou is still popular here and some karaoke outlets here still stock Teresa Deng’s songs. I agree that Teresa’s songs are easy to learn and that Jay Chou’s songs are not easy to sing well.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always believe motivation is the best catalyst for learning a language and its culture. Songs from the target language is one of the best motivations. It is not only relaxing to listen to these wonderful entertainers, but learn something with them. For those who want to explore more this mysterious ancient language and culture, http://chinesehulu.com/ has a bunch of video lessons. Just check it out! : )

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