UPDATED – From the Archives: On being slow, timing and more

Motorcycle parked in front of a Chinese home in the countryside

UPDATE on 12/15/13: My host finally determined the issue — a server problem! She’s going to move my site to a new server, which will solve the issue. Will keep you updated!

Right now, I know slow. This site is currently experiencing some frustratingly sluggish loading times and I have NO idea why. While I work with my host to diagnose the problem, I’m pulling a few entries on slow times from the archives — and giving my apologies for stepping back temporarily. I’ll return this Monday with some fresh content!

On my Chinese husband’s time. When John showed up late once again one evening, I wondered: How was it that my husband and I seemed to run on entirely different clocks?

My husband, almost switched at birth. Yes, it’s true — the neighbors suggested my husband’s parents swap him for their daughter. Fortunately, the timing didn’t work out for this one!

What if my husband was the only child? My husband is the youngest of three — born at just the right time, before the one-child policy.  But I wondered, what would it be like if he was an only child?

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4 Replies to “UPDATED – From the Archives: On being slow, timing and more”

  1. Did anyone hear about Lorde, a pop singer from New Zealand, who is dating an Asian guy? They’re getting lots of racist comments on Twitter. I thought it might be interesting to post this. This guy is not particularly handsome and is definitely not ugly. This world is a cruel place to live, and racists are everywhere. How sad.

    1. @Patm, did hear about Lorde, sad indeed.

      @ordinary malaysian, see my update above…we finally determined the problem, it’s the server. She’s in the process of moving us to a a new server that won’t affect the loading time. Will keep everyone updated!

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