Couple Shirts – Endearing or Obnoxious?

That couple looks exactly alike. And it’s not because of their faces or bodies – it’s because they’re wearing matching clothes.

Ah yes, the couple outfit. It’s something I’ve seen in China, though I know it also exists in other parts of the world (even the US).

My favorite take on this is the couple shirt. And of course it would be my favorite because, well, Jun and I happen to own a pair of what we like to call couple shirts.

We actually didn’t intend to buy couple shirts and, honestly, the shirt wasn’t marketed like that.

A few years ago we were shopping in Giordano and happened upon these really cute “I love China” shirts in red and yellow. I immediately dropped whatever else I was looking for in the store and made a beeline for the shirts. And once we discovered they carried it in sizes that would fit me and Jun, there was no doubt about it – we were buying one for each of us.

It’s not like the store said, “Hey couples! If you both love China, you need to buy these shirts!” There wasn’t some display with a couple wearing the shirts. Honestly, even though the shirts did have a heart on them, it wasn’t meant to symbolize two hearts together as a couple.

One of the reasons I like the shirts is they feel meaningful to us. We love China, and it’s something we can share together.

But would I wear matching shirts specifically designed for couples – like these featured on Amazon? While many of the descriptions call the shirts “cute,” I’m not sure I’d always agree. If two people are walking down the street wearing the same thing, I get that they’re a couple; but if they’re wearing shirts that say something like “king” and “queen”, it could be a little obnoxious.

So I’ve got to ask you – would you be willing to wear couple shirts? Or do you already have couple shirts of your own? Do you think they’re endearing or obnoxious? Where do you draw the line?

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  1. I’d say it depends on the t-shirt. My husband and I have a couple of items of matching clothes/accessories including similar t-shirts, and gloves which differ slightly in colour. These were purchased, as you mentioned, more because we both liked them than with an aim of showing off our couple-ness. If you think about it, even a wedding ring is usually a ‘couple’ object, with both parties sporting the same plain (or sometimes rather gaudy) ring in differing sizes. When we got married we actually chose rings that initially don’t appear to match too much,aside from the type of gold, but are infact kind of a pair. I personally find the outfits sometimes cute but they can get obnoxious when people are walking around in clothes that have a big arrow and the words “my boyfriend” and “my girlfriend” on them. But these can become hilarious when the couple isn’t standing in the right order or standing next to someone else.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sarah! It does definitely depend on the t-shirt. And good point about rings, they are very much a couple object.

      That would be hilarious to see someone wearing one of those shirts without the other person! 🙂

  2. I am not really a fan of them. However my wife loved them in the beginning so be bought a few. Well, we never really wore them more them once and by now my wife has forgotten them (thankfully)

  3. Back in Honolulu, we saw tourists wearing matching Hawaiian outfit all the time. We locals always thought that is something only the giddily enchanted visitors would do and we would never be caught dead in such an outlandish garb.
    Even though I’m now living in the casual life style of southern California, I still don’t see but a very small handful of couples walking around in such matching clothes.
    I presume that the rarity is an indication that most of the folks do think matching outfits are obnoxious

  4. Haha I love this post because Junwen and I are a bit different…I’m embarrassed to be “matchy matchy”, but I discovered one day that he liked it and it made him feel special. I found out the wrong way though…I was wearing a certain color t-shirt and he came out wearing the same thing, and I think I made fun of the fact and said something about how one of us would have to change…Only to find out that it was intentional. Whoops. I wonder if it is a cultural thing? (Except that there are those matching American jogger suits from the 90s…)

    I try to be more sensitive now. I’m definitely okay with complementary attire…Like, if I wear a certain dress color to a wedding and he wears a matching tie, or a shirt color that complements. But I feel awkward if we are too matchy matchy. And I may slightly judge those couples that wear the exact same outfit. ;-P

    1. Thanks for the comment Christine! It’s a good question, I wonder if it’s cultural too. My husband is definitely more comfortable with wearing matching stuff, and in turn I’ve been more willing to dress more similar to him. Though I’m not sure I would ever want to wear a pair of shirts that says “king” and “queen” on them just for a couple. Guess that makes me a little judgmental too!

  5. I like couple clothes – that aren’t sold as such. Better said, i like wearing similar or nearly identical outfit as my partner.
    we often wear the same colored pants, shirts, and even shoes. but n. o texts on any item. however for us it just happens – we never do it on purpose. This makes it nicer or cuter in my opinion. it just shows we’re connected and united.

    I’d find it over the top if things like ‘queen’/’king were written on them. half a heart on each would be kinda cute – depending on color, size, type, so on.

    but to each, their own. Maybe those who grew up in a society where there’s a lot of stress put on individuality [like in USA] are more against it…? i don’t know. but it’s OK to have different opinions.

    1. Thanks for the comment Charly, and for sharing your perspective on couple clothing. And interesting point that it might be a matter of culture — that more individualistic societies might not be as into it.

      I’m totally with you — “king/queen” shirts will never be in my wardrobe!

  6. Honestly, I am not all that concerned about couples like to match or not, it is weird to have a strong opinion about those trivial things such as that. If a couple wants to match, great. If they don’t, also great. My husband and I only match in color and if one of us are casual…then we both are. If one of us is dressy…then we both are. Funny, though, we both just got LL Bean active wear…they’re not identical but we still somehow match all the same now. ????

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