‘How’s COVID in China?’: Awkward Convos from Different Sides of Pandemic – Pub’d on WWAM BAM

The group blog WWAM BAM just published my post titled ‘How’s COVID in China?’: Awkward Convos from Different Sides of Pandemic. Here’s an excerpt:

How’s the COVID situation in China?

I hesitated to type a response to my friend back in the US, as the latest media reports of the virus situation over there — over 250,000 deaths and over 12 million confirmed cases — still circulate through my head. When I eventually type out that “Things are nearly back to normal”, a part of me flinches within, wondering if I just sent her the message equivalent of a gut punch. Is it ever polite to tell someone living in a bonafide disaster zone that it’s no longer a problem where you live? Even if it’s the truth?

I breathe a sigh of relief as she responds without any apparent annoyance, and I do my best to quickly shift topics to something else. But my guilt remains tenacious — the guilt that comes from living in a country that has nearly restored life to the new “normal”, as friends and family in the US, my home country, face a frightening surge of cases and deaths.

I wish my family and friends didn’t have to live with the threat of COVID-19 stalking them so close to home.

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4 Replies to “‘How’s COVID in China?’: Awkward Convos from Different Sides of Pandemic – Pub’d on WWAM BAM”

  1. Many people here say they either have “COVID fatigue” and want everything back to normal now, or else think it’s a hoax. A worldwide, 60M+ case hoax that is just a flu or a cold. People we knew in our teens had it, young and old. The systemic stupidity that has always been ingrained here is flourishing in plain sight now, and while I wish I could say that it is being overblown here, it isn’t. But no one wants to put life ahead of commerce, so here we are…

  2. Ivermectin and quercetin + zinc are already proven to be extremely effective in outpatient treatment of COVID and prevent the manifestation of illness serious enough for hospitalization. Zinc is a key to low COVID morbidity too. Those with severe COVID disease have been found to have low zinc. Make sure your zinc intake follows dietary guidelines. For correct dosage of Ivermectin and Quercetin, refer to PDF file from Marik- Eastern Virginia Medical School for acute COVID treatment. China has been using Ivermevtin and Quercetin from the early onset to treat the outbreak. The knowledge has been already present in the West but these medications are generic and cheap, thus no profit can be made off of them. Instead, the pharmaceutical compaies force patients and institutions to use their expensive designer drugs like Remdesivir which proved to be useless.

    Do your own research. The media is the enemy of the public. They have participated in the fearmongering, lies, coverups, and fraud from Day 1. Even if the news say that water is wet, you use the scientific method to confirm if that is really true or not. Do NOT believe or listen to the “news”.

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