I Was Just on TV in China. Now Watch the Show Online!

Jocelyn Eikenburg on CCTV Crossover_closeupChina Central Television just broadcast the episode of “Crossover” on Foreign Wives in China that I blogged about last week, and it’s now available for streaming online. Hooray!

So for any of you out there who wonder what I look like and sound like in person, well, here’s the next best thing. You’ll also see the “magical dress” in action and that lovely pair of earrings that the host Eyee Hsu lent me on the set just before we started filming (see my first post on this TV appearance for the full “backstage” story).

Besides me, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet two other amazing yangxifu: Marie Smurthwaite and Jess Meider (who I just featured on the blog).

Jocelyn Eikenburg on CCTV Crossover

Click here to stream the show online. And once you’re finished watching, sound off in the comments to let me know what you thought about the show!

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55 Replies to “I Was Just on TV in China. Now Watch the Show Online!”

  1. Heh I always imagined your voice would be higher pitched and more East coast!

    Didn’t watch it all, it’s midnight and I have to work tomorrow.

      1. Same here! Your voice is different from what I hear when I read your posts.
        I recently heard my voice in a recording and I realized my pitch is higher than I ever thought!


        1. LOL! Maybe I’m kind of like Garrison Keillor in reverse! For those of you who don’t know Garrison Keillor, he was a famous radio personality on NPR in the US for decades. He has this really handsome voice — but what he liked to call “a face for radio”. So maybe I have “a voice for writing”? 😉

          Whenever I hear my voice recorded, I always feel like it sounds different from what I think it does.

          1. Yeah, how we hear our own voice is different from how others hear it, which is how it sounds when it is played back as a recording. Interestingly, it is said that how others hear it is the more accurate representation of our voice because the sound of our voice is distorted as it passes through the head to our ears.

            I should add that it’s not just your voice that surprised me but your diction — the way you pronounce words — as well. As I watched you in the video I thought to myself, “She must have been a geek in high school”, and I don’t mean it as an insult. I think you’ve mentioned in the past that you were some kind of introverted bookworm as a teenager.

          2. That is interesting, D-Maybe.

            *raises hand* Yes, I was a huge geek in high school. Totally introverted and painfully shy as a child. It took me a long, long time to get used to speaking before others in public. It was probably one of my deepest fears. The person I was back then could never have guessed that I might appear on TV as an adult, and have to speak extemporaneously about myself and my life!

      2. Hi Jocelyn, loved the interview and agree with the above comments l envisaged your pitch to be higher !

        You all looked gorgeous and had wonderful stories to tell.

        Well done!

  2. The dress was fabulous and you looked lovely! The earrings so light and delicate, they sparkled next to your hair. It was interesting that the other two ladies were both singers and city girls (“Beijing forever”), while you have experienced life in rural China and shared that with us in your blog.

  3. Great for you! I can’t believe someone I’ve known half my life and have had fun times with is on international TV. I do wish they would have spent more time with you, maybe a segment on you and Jun out in the countryside with the family 😉

    1. Thanks Maria! I was actually pretty anxious leading up to the filming — but when we finally got on set and started the segment, something just clicked inside and I felt far more at ease than I ever expected.

  4. Well done! I enjoyed watching the show and hearing each of you share your stories. It must have been quite an experience, but then again, you are probably used to experiencing things most people back home can’t imagine. Thanks for sharing as always.

  5. Great to ‘meet’ you like that! The show was fascinating. Hope there’ll be more. Would have loved to see Jun, too, but we can’t have it all…

  6. It was very nice to hear your experiences, and I must say, you looked stunning!
    But I was a little disappointed that you didn’t get to tell your story on how you and your husband met. Did it get cut out, or did it just never get there?

    Either way, best wishes to you!

  7. Haha, yeah… I didn’t really have a preconceived idea of what you would sound like, but your voice came as something of a surprise.

  8. For a moment, I thought you’re a Virgo, Jocelyn. But then I saw you just had your birthday a month ago, so you’re not Virgo. You’re Leo.

    Remember reading somewhere in your posts long time ago when you’re taking a cab, the taxi driver said you’re like Chinese, you really are Chinese.

    Great to listen to three of you having a conversation on interracial relationship.

  9. Wow! I loved it! This segment was totally sexy showing off these foreign women! Jocelyn’s voice sounded different. I really like how Jocelyn did a “no-hold’s bar” by not withholding her opinion about the truth. Are there anymore videos or shows about you?

    Keep up the greatness!!!!!!!

  10. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing! On the question, how did you all meet your partners in life–I think the host forgot to let you speak your turn after the other two finished.. or did they cut it out? ><;

  11. Oops!! Now I see someone asked the same question already, from above, and you’d already answer it.. hehehe..sorry!

  12. It was great and refreshing to actually see you ‘moving’ and ‘talking’. As many others I imagined your voice differently while reading your posts.
    You all three appeared to be so professional, it was great to listen to your three stories.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Jocelyn,

    It doesn’t matter how you sound on T.V. We don’t judge on that seriously. Keep up the good job ! I haven’t been here for a while due to my work and lots of trips aboard. How come I can not see anything online regarding your interview? I clicked on the link and went to that site but nothing pop up.

  14. 1. they put you up in chaoyang hotel ???? that is only a decent hotel !!!! they should have done better and gave you a better hotel than that. i hope you could let them (cctv) know about this, first impression is always important. when they gave you a hotel like that, i guess i have to say that cctv is cheap.
    2. don’t you get pressure from your in-laws to have kids ???

  15. @Bruce,
    It could be that your web browser has some sort of ad blocker plugin preventing the video from displaying (instead you see a white blank space). I know I had that problem with my Firefox browser, so I used a different browser (Chrome), or I disabled the ad blocker plugin I had on Firefox and was able to view the video.

  16. I finally got to watch! You were fantastic, and yeah, like everyone else, I was completely thrown by your voice. (I totally projected my higher-pitched voice onto you.)

    I thought it was hilarious that your husband totally splurges on you — and only you — by the way. A good choice!

    The earrings were also all that I hoped. 😉

    I’m not really a fan of jazz (too structured!) but I loved Jess’s voice. Gorgeous.

  17. @ Bruce.

    Good to know that you are alive and doing well. I am doing well and working hard. Send me a private email to tell me more if you have time.

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