I’m Moving to Another City in China!

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy in the past month? I’ve been planning a huge move for September. Yes, that’s right — I’m moving to another city in China.

What city? I’ll let you know later this month. In the meantime, I want to keep it a surprise. (He, he, he! 😉 )

So, since a lot of my energy will be directed towards packing things up and moving them around, you might not see me posting later this week. Never fear, however — I will be back on September 19.

If you are looking for some great reads, however, I would encourage you to head on over to the group blog WWAM BAM (Western Women, Asian Men – Breaking All Molds). We’ve just added some new voices to our blog, including Judith, who just published a piece called On my mother-in-law and my placenta, and Julia Chen, who wrote Having a Miscarriage in China. They’re both worth a look.

Wish you all a wonderful week!

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19 Replies to “I’m Moving to Another City in China!”

  1. Hi Jocelyn, best of luck with the move. I’m sure the new environment will a great new opportunity for you and John. Looking forward to hearing where you are once you get there!

  2. Speaking as someone who also just moved, wish you the best of luck!

    Make the most of it and be sure to have fun exploring a new place.

    Wherever could it be…

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