Interview on – Jocelyn Eikenburg speaks of China

I’ve been busy behind the scenes this week, including getting interviewed by! In the interview, which just went up Wednesday evening, I discuss everything from dating advice to what brought me to China and what I’ve learned from blogging.

Intrigued? Here’s an excerpt from the interview, where I’m talking about intercultural relationships:

For example, growing up in the US, I was socialized in a home where my parents openly showed their affection for each other and us through hugging and kissing and saying things like “I love you.” My husband grew up in a home where public displays of affection just aren’t a part of life; nobody hugs or kisses each other, or even says “I love you!” It could be very easy for someone to make a conclusion about my husband like, “Oh, he’s not that romantic because he doesn’t like to kiss in public.” And that conclusion would be incredibly wrong! In fact, my husband is super-romantic, often in the most surprising ways.

Check out the full interview online. And if you love it, share it!

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