Love at First Bite: Yangmei Is a Delicious Taste of Summer Fun – Pub’d on China Daily

China Daily just recently published my latest column, Love at first bite: Yangmei is a delicious taste of summer fun. Here’s an excerpt:

Never mind the harsh humidity, the relentless sunshine or anyone complaining of unbearably hot summers in China. Who has time to worry about that in June, a month that, for me, is inextricably entwined with the arrival of what I consider the country’s most enchanting fruit-yangmei, also known as the waxberry or Chinese bayberry.

This uniquely summer indulgence grows primarily in China, with much of the fruit produced in my husband Jun’s home province of Zhejiang. If you’ve never tried the juicy goodness of yangmei, imagine a mouthwatering, sweet-tart mix of pomegranate, strawberry and cranberry flavors, packed together into a cherry-sized sphere with a curiously bumpy surface and, when fully ripe, the deep burgundy color of a fine red wine. It’s a little piece of ecstasy that will dance across your taste buds and probably dribble onto the table or your summer clothes. But you won’t even care about the mess because it tastes so amazing.

Yangmei, which has been used in traditional Chinese remedies for more than 2,000 years, also has high medicinal value. The first time a Chinese friend brought a bag of the fruit to my apartment, she told me, “Yangmei saves your life,” a popular saying I would come to hear echoed by many others, including my father-in-law. Studies have shown that yangmei provides a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin C, and may be useful for tackling inflammation, diarrhea, intestinal ailments, cancer and even diabetes. It’s no wonder people have dubbed it a superfruit.

No matter your reasons for eating yangmei, chances are you might end up just like me-in love at first bite. Consuming the fruit is now a yearly ritual for me and my husband, and every mouthful brings with it sweet memories of summer days.

You can read the full column here. And if you like it, share it!

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2 Replies to “Love at First Bite: Yangmei Is a Delicious Taste of Summer Fun – Pub’d on China Daily”

  1. Just googled a picture of yangmei, never seen it before but you inspired me to go find it next time when in Chinatown!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Peter! Ha ha, I should have included a photo here. 🙂

      You may find it hard to pick up yangmei in Chinatown. At least I never encountered it at the Chinese supermarkets I used to frequent in my city’s Chinatown…you may find it on Amazon, though, in dried form. (They sell dried yangmei on platforms here in China.) You might also try searching for “yumberry”, which is another name used to refer to the fruit. Good luck and let me know if your efforts (pardon the pun) are fruitful! 😉

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