On Love in Other Languages, Being Called Laopo & More (from the Archives)


If my July 2015 was a person, it would be one of those diehard boot camp sergeants yanking you out of bed at 5am and hounding you into exhaustion. Welcome to my busy summer (and please excuse me if I happen to keel over in the middle of this blog post).

Fortunately, one of the joys of blogging for more than six years is that you’ve amassed a wealth of content (including a lot of cool articles that, chances are, many of you haven’t read yet). This week, I’m sending you to the archives to enjoy three of my classic articles from 2011, which are also personal favorites of mine:

My Chinese Husband Calls Me Laopo. Ever since John and I began dating, “wife” turned into one of his favorite names to call me. And even though it sounded like the verbal equivalent of turning a marriage into a form letter, I came to love it.

I Love You, Just Not in Chinese. Years before, I was surprised to learn that, for John, it was easier to say “I love you” in English rather than Chinese. Read on to find out why!

How My Anti-Japanese Chinese Husband Changed His Mind About Japan. Like many Chinese, John grew up with some very negative opinions of Japan. Then one day, I heard him calling someone from the country a friend!

And don’t worry — I finally have a couple of weeks to catch my breath, which means I’ll be delivering a new post to you next Monday. Have a great week and enjoy your July!


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