Photo Essay: A Great Wall of Autumn Colors – Visiting Badaling National Forest Park

There’s nothing like hiking through mountains when autumn shows its brilliant colors — especially when you can hike beside and enjoy views of the Great Wall. That’s what Jun and I did this past week in a visit to Badaling National Forest Park.

It’s an easy journey from Beijing (just take bus 877 from the Deshengmen area, near the Jishuitan subway stop on Line 2). And once you’re up the mountain, a loop trail rewards you with incredible views of the serpentine Badaling Great Wall straddling the mountain ridges dotted with red and yellow leaves.

While I’m taking a break this week, I thought I’d share a sampling of photos from our hike.

Wherever you are, here’s hoping you’re enjoying the beauty of autumn!

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4 Replies to “Photo Essay: A Great Wall of Autumn Colors – Visiting Badaling National Forest Park”

  1. Hi Jocelyn ,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful piece writing and nice photographs !
    We really enjoyed reading all your excellent articles about China ! You express so naturally and your words are so personal and powerful ! While reading your articles I feel as if I am also hiking very close to the Great wall with you both ! Thank you so much from the bottom of heart for inspiring people to love our deep relationship with the nature and ourself !
    Warm wishes to you and your kind husband !

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