Photo Essay: Enjoying the Golden Spring in Rural Hangzhou, China

While I’m still on break this week, I thought I’d share some recent photos from the gorgeous “golden” spring blooming all around us here in the Hangzhou countryside.

IMG_20160315_150541 I call it “golden” because of the golden yellow rapeseed flowers that dominate the fields at this time of year. There’s nothing quite like standing among these fields of gold in the sunshine…

IMG_20160313_173636Or even the rain.


Even when it’s overcast, the fields shine with the golden radiance of these flowers.

IMG_20160228_172219It’s even better when you can enjoy them with your best friend (and husband). Thanks John. 🙂

See you all next week!


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7 Replies to “Photo Essay: Enjoying the Golden Spring in Rural Hangzhou, China”

  1. Beautiful countryside–bright yellow flowers and mountains in the background. It’s always good to have mountains to give some shape and perspective to a landscape.

    It looks like you caught John by surprise.

  2. Me too! Thanks Autumn (-:
    Beautiful pictures, Jo. Can’t wait till we get some sunshine down here. I’m beginning to forget what it looks like

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