Photo Essay: Walking Beijing’s Gubeikou Great Wall as a Couple

Beijing’s Great Wall is a wonder of the world — and even more so, when you find yourself hiking this piece of history under breathtaking blue skies, bathed in sunshine that could almost make you forget it’s still winter.

We ventured a few hours north of the city to the Gubeikou Great Wall, where the wall has more of a dilapidated charm and — at least this time of year — you can walk it all to yourself. While I’m recovering from a busy week, I thought I’d share a collection of photos from our recent visit.

We arrived in the afternoon, and hiked up to the Great Wall, tracing the ridgetops of the mountains.

Some parts, the walk is just like a ridge trail…

And in other parts, you’re passing by the actual walls and even towers.

Through the window, the mountains in the countryside form an endless wave of ridges that stretch to the horizon.

Behind Jun, another view of the Great Wall, stretched across the ridgetop.

But the best part of all was walking the Great Wall together. We hope to return soon and discover more of the wonders of this incredible piece of history.

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4 Replies to “Photo Essay: Walking Beijing’s Gubeikou Great Wall as a Couple”

  1. I don’t know how you guys did it, I would be so afraid of being so high up and in enclosed spaces! You guys are definitely very brave! The sights are beautiful, something to experience once in your life.

    1. Thank you Maria! It’s actually not super high up actually, though it appears that way. The only tough part was climbing up into this tower, but we did it — and I’m a person who doesn’t particularly care for heights!

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