Ray Hecht Interviews Me About How I Came to China, My Memoir in Progress & More

Ray Hecht Interviews Me

Ray Hecht — who I interviewed earlier this year about his new memoir — just interviewed me on his blog. He asked me about how I came to China, my biggest challenge, how I got into the anthology How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?, the China-centric authors I enjoy, and what I’m currently working on (that’s when I mention my memoir in progress). Here’s an excerpt:

What was your biggest challenge?

Initially, not knowing Chinese at all created some stressful and even embarrassing situations for me when I first arrived in China. I hated going out to run even the simplest errands, like mailing a letter, because I’d have to spend an hour trying to memorize a few phrases and then still end up understanding almost nothing they would say to me. Or I’d have these moments in small stores where I would turn as red as the little Chinese dictionary in my hands, paging through it in an often futile effort to express myself. I’m confident I entertained quite a few shopkeepers during my first few months in China.

Head on over to Ray’s blog for the full interview. And if you love it, share it!

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6 Replies to “Ray Hecht Interviews Me About How I Came to China, My Memoir in Progress & More”

  1. @ Jocelyn. I forgot to ask you when we last spoke about the impending publication of your much anticipated memoirs. When will it come out? I cannot wait any longer!!!!!!

  2. Hi Jocelyn –

    I’m a longtime reader, but first time commenter. It was great to read this interview, and to learn some more about your back story – go Thundering Herd!

    I’ve been a visitor for a few years now, and enjoy the smart posts and intelligent conversations (mostly) 🙂 Your writing is so personal, and I admire your courage in sharing some of the most important issues of your (and John’s) life with your readers. From funny times to tough times, thanks for sharing your letting us join you on your journey! I can’t wait for you to get your memoir published!

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