Short Update Amid Virus: We Are Safe, Well in Beijing

Posting a quick update here, as the novel coronavirus outbreak here in China has made headlines around the world, leading some family and friends to express concern over me and Jun here in Beijing.

I just wanted to let everyone know we are safe and well in the capital city. My office is just around the corner from my apartment, and our residence has put in place reasonable measures to reduce the possibility of transmission, including temperature checks for everyone.

Demand for news coverage on the novel coronavirus has kept us extremely busy at the office. I’ve been working through most of the holiday, which has also left me with a lot less time and energy to quickly post an update here. In any event, I will update you with more soon.

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  1. Dear Jocelyn,
    I red all your columns with interest! Thank you. As a public health nurse (back in the U.S. ) for now…I was in Xi’an and Qingdao for five wonderful years, it’s important for the world to remember that influenza affects and kills many more people than these novel viruses, no matter how scary they seem to be. Hopefully more and more people get a flu shot each Fall. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, 10,000 people have died from the effects of flu in the 2019-2020 flu season . It’s not over yet…
    So hand washing (sing “Happy Birthday” twice) after going out, sneezing, coughing into one’s elbow and keeping hands/fingers off our faces are our best defenses for ALL viruses. Best wishes to you and your family,Meghan

    1. Dear Meghan, thank you for the comment and for reading — your words are very reassuring and consistent with many of the more balanced articles I’ve encountered about the epidemic (and shared with worried folks). I am being very conscientious about the hand washing and not touching my face these days either, consistent with your guidance. Best wishes to you too!

  2. i believe it is the fear of the unknown. people are afraid that it could mutate to become another Spanish flu.
    Am i worried about this in Canada?? not really. I am more concerned about getting the seasonal flu than this virus. as per usa cdc report. an estimated 80000 americans died during the 2017-2018 flu season. The difference is that we know we can’t do away with seasonal flu, but we are scared that this could be extremely bad. so, for now, stay safe, take precaution and wear your masks. 武汉加油!!!祖国加油!!!来自加拿大的爱!

    1. Very good comments on this page, especially the advice about making sure to wash your hands and avoid contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Like others have said, fear of the unknown plays a major part in any situation that may cause mass panic.

      One of the more plausible situations that I am preparing for is the likelihood of anti-Asian violence coming from certain segments of the population that may result from this entire saga. It is highly unlikely, however, I only expect the worst when dealing with probability. Just finished loading 200 extra rounds of ammunition for both my daily carry pistol and the other one that I keep in a lockbox in the machine shop’s office. Kind of a moot point since I am already never more than an arm’s length away from a loaded handgun at any given time even on a normal basis. I strongly urge any Asian American/Canadian/European, or Asian in another Asian country who is concerned about their safety in the upcoming months to be armed, and be proficient in whatever firearm that they choose to equip themselves with. I had just helped one of my fellow employees obtain his Concealed Carry license in the past week, and while we are waiting for the permit to be approved, taught him how to use, operate, and perform basic field maintenance with my Glock 21 .45 ACP.

      Be smart and be safe. We are living in interesting times, as a wise sage of long ago had said…

  3. Take care of yourself. I have seen your video in Jiangan I guess…
    I am not sure if it was you.

    Good luck and enjoy China even it is difficult time for us

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