The 18 Funniest Chinese Phrases (and How to Use Them), Pub’d on Matador

The 18 Funniest Chinese Expressions (and How to Use Them)

Last week, Matador Network just published my article titled “The 18 Funniest Chinese Phrases (and How to Use Them)“. Here’s a snippet of the article:

1. Chinese people aren’t just in a class all their own. They’re “a crane among a flock of chickens.” (鹤立鸡群, hèlìjīqún)

2. In Chinese, you’re not better late than never. You “mend the flock after the sheep have been lost.” (亡羊补牢, wángyángbǔláo)

3. A Chinese person won’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. But he might “drain the pond to catch all the fish.” (竭泽而渔, jiézé’éryú)

To read all 18 of those phrases, see the full article at Matador Network. And if you love it, share it!

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7 Replies to “The 18 Funniest Chinese Phrases (and How to Use Them), Pub’d on Matador”

  1. My favorite Chinese expression is ‘pai ma pi’ [hitting the horse’s behind] which essentially means sucking up. It was the first one I learnt so that is why it is probably my favorite. I am glad to see it is on your list!

  2. These are hilarious.

    Andy’s Popo had one where she called him something like “the best part of the goose” instead of “the apple of her eye.”

  3. Wow, so many and I dont know any! I asked my wife and she knows about 50%, rest she never heard, her mother is even worse :p

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