On Travel and Love (In China)

Jocelyn and John standing on the beach at sunset
John and I standing on the beach at sunset at Nusa Lembongan, Bali

I’m taking a break from posting from May 28 until June 8. But in the meantime, I’m sharing some of my classic content — which might either be new to you, or just a great read worth revisiting. Either way, hope you enjoy these, and I’ll see you June 11. 😉


The summer kicks off the travel season, and there’s nothing better than traveling with the one you love. I dug into the archives to share a few classic stories of traveling with the one you love (and often, for love) in China.

Hitting the Great Wall(s) of Beijing. Sometimes, you hit walls in life in China. And sometimes, you hit walls on the way to the Great Wall, as John and I did when we traveled there.

Going to John’s China Hometown. John’s ancestors come from the area near Huangshan — one of China’s most impressive mountains. But his family lives in a countryside ravaged by economic development, worlds away from what his ancestors knew.

Stuck Between Taiwan and Jun, Published in Matador Life. In “Stuck Between Jun and Taiwan,” I tell my story of how I learned that international love doesn’t come easy during a time of traveling for work.

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