Traveling to Kashgar, Kuqa and Urumchi in Xinjiang for 10 Days

I’m on a 10-day work trip to Xinjiang that includes travel to Kashgar, Kuqa and Urumchi. This marks my first time to visit the far western province of China, so I’m looking forward to experiencing places I’ve read about for years in guides on China. As I’ll be very busy during and after this trip, I’ll be on break from the blog for most of this month.

Wishing you a jubilant July, filled with adventures of your own.

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4 Replies to “Traveling to Kashgar, Kuqa and Urumchi in Xinjiang for 10 Days”

  1. Hello, Jocelyn,

    Thank you for carrying on with the posts throughout the summer!

    My wife and I live in Beijing, and have been especially loving your various posts from Xinjiang, so we wonder if China Daily will be posting any more of the videos that you made while you were out there. We would be especially keen to see anything you filmed in Kuqa, because we are thinking about visiting that area later this year, or perhaps during Chun Jie. The area around Kuqa and Aqsu looks like a little-known gem, with the Kizil Caves, the Mystery Grand Canyon, and the Palace of the Kuqa Kings, as well as the ancient Qiuci culture remnants, so we’re pretty excited at the prospect of going out there for a few days.

    In any event, many thanks for your great pieces over these past months; they are much appreciated by this American expat and his Chinese wife. : )

    Very best regards,


    1. Hi Stewart, thanks for the comment and your support! We did do filming in Kuqa, but I am not sure if/when any more videos will come out. Kuqa is absolutely worth a visit, though, so I would encourage you to put it on your itinerary. You may want to avoid Chun Jie time, however, as Xinjiang can experience pretty harsh temperatures in winter.

      1. Many thanks, Jocelyn! We’ll keep an eye out for further installments, as well as for others among your projects. When we do visit Xinjiang, we will be sure to make it a bit deeper in the year; harsh winters are perhaps my least favorite thing these days! ; ) Best regards, Stewart

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