From the Archives: Favorite love stories from Chinese men

While Western women overwhemingly step up to share their stories love found and love lost, some of the most memorable submissions came from Chinese men. As I continue to prepare for my move to China, I’m digging into the archives this Friday to share a few of my favorites. Let’s hear it for the boys! 😉

Double Happiness: Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back. When Shanghai-based writer Chenyin Pan studied in the US, he never expected he would find love with a black woman.

Double Happiness: How A Chinese Man Found Love in Brazil. If you’ve followed this website for some time, chances are you recognize Fred, one of the most active male commenters. Well Fred shared his fascinating tale of how he came to marry a white woman from Brazil.

Double Happiness: Chinese Man Moves to Mexico, Finds Love. How far would you go to change your life? For Hao, his journey took him all the way to Mexico, where he found a new career — and a new love

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3 Replies to “From the Archives: Favorite love stories from Chinese men”

  1. All very inspiring IR stories! Blacks, Brazilians or Mexicans, is there anything to stop two people from falling in love with each other? You may very well harbour preferences, biases and prejudices but when you heart is struck with cupid’s arrow, what can you say? You say “I love you!” Haha..

  2. @ Jocelyn. You have cited above stories of love between Chinese (Asian) men and Western women. How about some stories of us White boys and Asian girls? I know that this site is about AM/WW, but show some more variety such as sharing some stories of WM/AF pairings. Many thanks.


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