Double Happiness: Chinese Man Moves to Mexico, Finds Love

Classic mexican colors at the Bazaar del Sabado
(photo from i_amici’s flickr stream)

How far would you go to change your life? For Hao, his journey took him all the way to Mexico, where he found a new career — and a new love. 

I’m really excited to share his story, and hope you find it as inspiring as I did.


It all started back in 2006, when I met this lovely Mexican family (not related to my love) living in California. In that same year, my fortunes took a turn for the worse. I couldn’t find a decent job in the States, and I struggled for years not knowing what to do. Then my Mexican friend suggested ever-so-casually, “Why don’t we go to Mexico?”

At first, I didn’t take the suggestion seriously. But after careful research on Mexico’s rapidly growing economy (which has consistently out-performed the US since the mid-90s) and considering my decent command of Spanish, I decided to take the leap of faith in 2010.

After a short stint with my friend’s family in Michoacan, I took a job as technical translator/interpreter in the city of Queretaro, and felt right at home since day one. Nowhere have I been treated with such genuine warmth as in Mexico. I’ve decided this is where I want to spend the rest of my life.

Fast forward to the spring of 2012, at an international cultural event. Immigrants from over 100 nations gathered at a major fairground in Queretaro to display the splendor of their cultures. Much to my chagrin, the Chinese, despite their sizeable population in Mexico, were regrettably absent at the event. As I walked out disappointed, waiting for the arrival of the bus that would take me back home, I casually, almost subconsciously, started to chat with this lady standing right next to me.

As we boarded the bus, we continued to chat on the way home. I forgot what we talked about, but she struck me as an intelligent, well-disciplined person who is not into vanity or shallow trends. We exchanged contact info, then parted our ways. Although it was not love at first sight, I certainly felt the need to get to know her better at that moment.

So I gathered up all my courage and asked her out. I put up my best impersonation of Luis Miguel at a local Karaoke and observed her closely. To my surprise, she does not normally drink. It was then I felt that admiration, that soon turned into infatuation.

After a week and half of knowing her, on our third date, I told her that I wished to be more than just friends, despite my better judgment not to rush. And since then, I never regretted it.

To show her my sincerity, I asked to meet her parents. And what a lovely family she has. I was well-received, trusted, and treated like a member of the family. Deep in my heart, I know the bond between us will last a for long time to come.

I soon informed my family of the good news. Needless to say, my siblings were eager to meet their future sister-in-law. Sadly, my mother passed away the year before, forever dampening the joys we could have felt.

Six months have passed, and we’re still as close as ever. We can connect both emotionally as well as rationally — a perfect recipe for long-lasting relationship, something I have never felt before. And we both know that we shall never forsake this precious yuanfen, or destiny, between us.

Hao is a translator and interpreter residing in Queretaro, Mexico.


How did you meet? Why do you love him/her (or Chinese men/Western women)? How two different people “complete each other” in unexpected ways? We’re looking for a few good stories from Chinese men and Western women in love to share on Fridays. Submit your original story or a published blog post today.

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19 Replies to “Double Happiness: Chinese Man Moves to Mexico, Finds Love”

  1. That’s such a lovely story! I wish them the best!!! And makes me wonder why that doesn’t happen to me!? LOL! I guess my country (Costa Rica) is too small and perhaps unknown… However cataloged as the happiest country in the world and called paradise because of it’s nature… Anyway, may everyone be blessed and let yuan fen make it’s work!

  2. Lovely story!, I’m happy to see that Hao liked Mexico so much to spend the rest of his life there. I’m mexican with chinese boyfriend and for the moment we live in Europe but in a future we are considering moving to Mexico so I hope he feel the same way as Hao.
    Reading the story makes me realized that performing Luis Miguel could have saved a lot of time to my boyfriend when we were just friends. For sure it was a smart move ;)..

  3. I know I’ll be CRUCIFIED for saying this, but Asian men in Latin America do not have the best reputation. They’re often guilty of the same misdeeds that Western men in East Asia are accused of.
    Asi que, to our Latina lady friends, before you plunge head first into a relationship with that imaginary Lee Donghae, expand your 1st hand knowledge of East Asian cultures through personal interaction with Asians (preferrably women: less risky). Go to social events with them (if there’s an Asian community in your country), get used to interacting with them. It will help you to see through some of the more disingenious ones.
    I’ve seen too many broken hearts (or worse) to mindlessly cheer you on.

  4. @Henry: I don’t know about Latin America specifically, but I think that there are guys like that no matter the culture and no matter where you are in the world. I totally agree that it might be hard to see a person’s “real face” if they come from a culture you’re not familiar with and that it might be wise to get to know sb slowly.

  5. Chinese or not, you need to live your life the way you want it to be. I see Chinese men treat their own women like shit in their own country.

  6. This Asian dude’s explored a lot of how Asian men in general do in Latin America, and the Asian descendent Diaspora overall. Here’s a few links.

    Asian Dragons and Andean Condors

    In Latin American Media

    And from Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, to Argentina.

    Basically the social barriers that get setup in our heads in the English speaking world, don’t exist in the Spanish speaking world. There are other hoops, like anyone else, but when it comes to attraction, Asian men are still seen as men and decent catches, and women are still women. Quite different overall compared to the Anglosphere.
    He also makes a good point that the Anglosphere culture essentially stops the moment you change languages and borders, and perceptions completely change when it comes to Asian men / Nonasian women relationships. Which makes sense, the world doesn’t speak English, Anglosphere culture isn’t universal, and even though they may watch the movies, most of Hollywood’s cultural references and stereotypes are in general lost on much of the non english speaking world. They can’t relate to it, and they don’t care.

    And thank goodness for that.

  7. I’ve heard that Anglophone countries other than the US are usually not quite as bigoted toward non-Westerners. Asians in Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand are generally treated better than in the US.

  8. Well I live in Vancouver Canada which is a probably the only city in N. America that has more ethnic minorities than it does caucasian people. Certainly you wont feel threatened here but you also wont feel accepted. As for dating, well lets just say, everybody here wants to date Asian women but few want to date Asian men. So probably no different than anywhere else in N. America.

  9. I just read Jocelyn’s link about a racist attack against 2 Chinese boys by some Australian men and women. I was horrified. In the south where I live in the U.S., there used to be many attacks and lynchings against Blacks but there are no more now because we Whites have overcome this bigotry.

    @ Si. Yes, I agree with you and it is the same here in the southern part of the U.S. that amongst all of my fellow Whites many White boys want to date and “bang” Asian girls but not many White girls want to be “banged” by Asian boys. I am one of those White boys who want to have a Chinese girlfriend and am getting close to securing one. So, wish me luck this weekend as I will propose to my potential “fortune chickie” to be my girlfriend.

  10. When you talk about “banging” asian/ white women, it’s all in your head. I don’t find anything sexually aroused about it. Once you try it, it’s the same. Maybe later on, you will hate it so much with that kind of women.

    I think those chinese students didn’t fight back. Please fight back! Even killing your attackers is a good thing on my book. When you intend to fight back, your intent is to kill them, then they will fear you. That is just life. You can’t rely on staffs and passengers to help you. I don’t like violence at all but you just have to be prepared and protect yourself and family members. I’ve always been a very peaceful person ;however, if I was in their situation, I would have pushed those attackers onto the rail and kill all of them. I will show no mercy even if they beg for mercy. Only way to stop attackers is to make them feel fear. Attackers will sense it when you’re an easy prey. The weaker you look, the more they will target you. I just wish those attackers will target me , my grand brother and my friend. We will destroy them all. I know our personalities so I’m not afraid to write like this here.


  11. @Bruce. I am gald to see that you have re-appeared again. I thought that you disappeared into oblivion. Yes, I agree with you that if someone attacks you, you must defend yourself to your best ability and use all reasonable but not excessive force.

    I will keep you informed whether I am successful with my proposal to my future “fortune chickie” (Kate) this upcoming weekend. Thanks for all of your advice, bro.

  12. Manny,

    I went on a vacation ( beautiful trip). I was busy with work. Went deer hunting and shot an 8 points deer from 300 ft. Yes, I’m an animal!!!!!!! :). Clean up my home/backyard . Preparing for winter/christmas/new yr. lots of things to do man.


  13. @Henry Yeh
    I’ve known some Chinese men who have worked in Latin America, according to them quite a few Chinese men do have Latin girlfriends over there and even married men that left their family in China have mistresses too. A lot of the times these relationships are based off their economic situation, where poor local women seeks to marry a wealthy foreigner. I’m not sure how common it is but I hope it’s not the basis for most Chinese-latin relationships.

    This is definitely not the case with Hao as their love is genuine. Good luck to them.

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