Double Happiness: Tunisian woman & Shanghai man live happily ever after

Sabine and her Shanghainese husband.
Sabine and her husband, who live happily ever after in Dubai.

It’s always a thrill to hear from yangxifu around the world, especially countries outside the usual Anglosphere (Australia, North America, the UK). So when Sabine, a woman from Tunisia, sent me a lovely photo of her with her Shanghainese husband, I leapt at the opportunity to share the story of how they met in Tunisia, married, and moved to Dubai.

Wishing this beautiful couple success in the year of the horse!


I am a Tunisian woman. Seven months ago, I married a man from Shanghai.

The first time we met was in 2012. He came to Tunisia for a business meeting. At that time I was a student and the company that happened to host him was also training me.

While he was visiting the company, we had some conversations. He said he wanted to know more about Tunisia and visit our tourist attractions. We exchanged e-mails. Then we met up a couple of times, where we had coffee together and enjoyed a nice Tunisian lunch. Before he left Tunisia he gave me his phone number in Dubai and his Facebook ID so we could keep in touch.

Within three months, our relationship evolved from normal friends to “shy lovers”. I became so attached to him and found myself falling in love with him. He is always nice, tender, understanding and wise. These qualities are very hard to find nowadays in Tunisian men.

Eventually we decided to get engaged after my graduation. Initially, my family was very surprised with my choice. After they met him, they liked his personality and realized that his values were the same as ours.

We married in Spring 2013. His family couldn’t attend the wedding because of distance and the cost of airplane tickets, but they offered us their blessings. His best friend, however, was able to partake in the celebrations. One month after our wedding, I followed him to Dubai, where we now live together. Next year we hope to visit his family in China.

I would like to encourage single women out there to give Chinese men a chance. While I’ve only dated a few men, I never met a man as honest, committed and affectionate as my husband.

Sabine and her husband are enjoying their happily ever after together in Dubai.


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11 Replies to “Double Happiness: Tunisian woman & Shanghai man live happily ever after”

  1. The real original David here. There was another blog post here about a woman not believing that Jocelyn was the wife of John. Wonder what the Chinese say when the husband declares that his wife is from Tunisia. Is the response going to be “nonsense” as Chinese-Arab marriages are rare than Chinse-western white marriages, strange as this may sound?

  2. I married a woman from close to the other side of the planet. It could not have been much farther other than one of us living on another planet or spaceship!
    While I wish the couple the best if true, I call it a lie to spruce SEO or marketing for a website through backlinks.
    Clearly the woman in the photo is not a Tunisian woman, at least a locally raised woman. She is obviously at least half Chinese.
    I mean come on if you are going to BS at least get a Tunisian woman to be in the photo.
    It is an insult to a reader’s intelligence

  3. I’m Tunisian too , and I’m married to a Chinese man and we have a baby boy . Nothing is strange about chinese Arab marriages

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