Pub’d in The Huffington Post: Why I Don’t Trust Psychologists, Thanks to Idaho State University

屏幕快照 2016-05-26 上午9.36.32The Huffington Post just published my article titled “Why I Don’t Trust Psychologists, Thanks to Idaho State University.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Maybe you could talk to a counselor about that.”

That’s what a good friend wrote to me a few months ago after I confided in her. I had mentioned the enormous stress in my life. The bouts of sadness. The loneliness I was feeling.

Talking to a counselor or psychologist is the kind of advice I used to give all the time. For most of my life, I was a big believer in the power of counselors and psychologists to guide us through life’s challenges. After all, it was a psychologist in a university counseling center who helped me cope with the loss of my mother at the tender age of 17.

But when I read my friend’s suggestion to talk to a counselor, anger coursed through my veins. The last person I would ever talk to would be a psychologist. Just thinking of psychologists made me want to scream.

That’s because I’ve lost my trust in psychologists and the psychology profession, thanks to Idaho State University.

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P.S.: To further understand how ISU violated standards in the psychology profession, please read “Behind ISU’s Blatant Violations of Professional Standards Are Shadows of Discrimination Against Jun Yu.”

My husband Jun Yu is fighting against injustice in higher education. ISU ruined his 5 yrs of education & future, and denied him the PhD he rightfully earned. Learn more and support his cause at #JusticeForJun

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4 Replies to “Pub’d in The Huffington Post: Why I Don’t Trust Psychologists, Thanks to Idaho State University”

  1. Hello, I’ve had your blog bookmarked for quite a while and I also knew of the Idaho case, but I had no idea he’s your husband until I read an article in worldjournal yesterday. I find the conduct of ISU preposterous. I visited ISU’s clinical psych page and it looks like at least four professors are Asian. I was wondering if you have thought about having them on your case? I’m in the south and my school also has a lot of Chinese students (from China) and they all seem to be treated well, so is ISU a huge aberration? Also who made the decision to drop Jun from the program? It blows my mind that he’s already defended and then he got arbitrarily dropped. It really scares me. God bless you.

  2. I am a long time and “quiet” reader of yours, but this time i should outspeak.
    I have two suggestions. Firstly, you need more news report coverage and public support both in China and the US. In China you could contact influential websites like Netease, Sina etc. for a report, or start a public discussion directly on Weibo and Zhihu. You could have someone better at that help with it.
    Secondly, I believe an extra Alipay account can bring you more donations than merely a page, if you think help from China is really important.

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