Ask the Yangxifu: Rec’d Websites/Links With Dating Advice for Chinese-Western Couples

“You should check out this website.” That’s what I’ve been telling a number of readers who send me Ask the Yangxifu questions — I refer them to some of the fantastic sites that I follow and admire. So I thought, maybe it’s time to do a brief post and spotlight some of my favorites?

Western Wives, Chinese Husbands. I’ve dubbed this article, which I compiled together with the generous help of three other yangxifu (including Melanie Gao and Jessica Larson-Wang), “everything you wanted to know about dating Chinese men but were afraid to ask.” Whenever I hear from a woman new to the dating scene in China looking for comprehensive advice, I always send this along.

The Love Life of an Asian Guy. Ranier Maningding dishes out some of the funniest advice around, and speaks to both Asian men and the non-Asian women who love them.

My New Chinese Love. Whether you’re a Western woman dating Chinese men or a Western man dating Chinese women, you’ll find friendly advice from Jeff Cappleman and his Chinese wife that covers everything from courtship to weddings.

Middle Kingdom Life’s Guide to Dating Chinese Women. For the Western men dating Chinese women, I often send them straight to this incredibly comprehensive guide.

Candle for Love. This forum was created to help Americans bring their Chinese loved ones over to the US (and navigate the whole visa process). But it’s also a good sounding board for anyone grappling with cultural conundrums in their relationships — especially Western men dating Chinese women.

Asian Man White Woman Magazine. Founded by JT Tran, the Asian Playboy, this magazine bills itself as the lifestyle and dating site for AMWF relationships — and offers advice written by JT and white female bloggers. I also interviewed JT, and I frequently send this interview to Chinese men seeking advice on dating Western women. (Disclosure: I’ve written for his site, and JT is one of my advertisers).

What sites or articles would you recommend? Sound off in the comments!


Valentine’s Day Giveaway at My New Chinese Love

My New Chinese Love Valentine's Day Giveaway
Enter to win a Valentine's day bouquet at My New Chinese Love.

The people at My New Chinese Love asked me to pass this on — they’re running a Valentine’s day giveaway going on now until February 12, 2012. To enter, all you have to do is submit a photo about what you love most about China, and give it a creative caption. The winner receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

See their website for details.

P.S.: Thanks to everyone who voted for me for the Lotus Blossom Award at My New Chinese Love  — in case you haven’t seen my sidebar, your support helped me win.

Interview on My New Chinese Love

Interview on New Chinese Love
My New Chinese Love interviewed me -- read it online.

My New Chinese Love interviewed me a few weeks ago about love and family in China — and they just published it on their website. Here’s part of the intro, with a teaser:

Jocelyn Eikenburg explores love and interracial relationships, and how Chinese family is the ultimate social safety net….

In this interview, Jocelyn reveals…

  • how she integrated into a Chinese family who was initially disapproving of her
  • why some Chinese people don’t say “I love you
  • how she and her Chinese husband resolved the key issues of location and citizenship
  • why she embraced filial piety as the “ultimate social safety net”
  • and more…

Read the full interview here.

My thanks to Jeff Cappleman for reaching out, and doing such a professional job!

(BTW, if you haven’t visited My New Chinese Love, take a look — Jeff’s site is full of advice about love, life and family in China.)