Interview on My New Chinese Love

Interview on New Chinese Love
My New Chinese Love interviewed me -- read it online.

My New Chinese Love interviewed me a few weeks ago about love and family in China — and they just published it on their website. Here’s part of the intro, with a teaser:

Jocelyn Eikenburg explores love and interracial relationships, and how Chinese family is the ultimate social safety net….

In this interview, Jocelyn reveals…

  • how she integrated into a Chinese family who was initially disapproving of her
  • why some Chinese people don’t say “I love you
  • how she and her Chinese husband resolved the key issues of location and citizenship
  • why she embraced filial piety as the “ultimate social safety net”
  • and more…

Read the full interview here.

My thanks to Jeff Cappleman for reaching out, and doing such a professional job!

(BTW, if you haven’t visited My New Chinese Love, take a look — Jeff’s site is full of advice about love, life and family in China.)

5 Replies to “Interview on My New Chinese Love”

  1. I totally enjoyed the interview. It took me sometimes to understand how he show his love for me, more action and less word, and his whole family are the same with each others.

    1. Jn, thanks so much for the comment!

      Ema, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. It does take some time to learn how to read the love, when someone wasn’t socialized to show it as we do — but it sounds like you’re getting the hang of it. 😉

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